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DIY? Finishing Basement

Currently looking @ homes to buy.
Right now I’m just looking @ townhomes/condos in my area.

I found a decent looking one that has an unfinished basement.

I know absolutely nothing about home repair/building or constructing. A lot of guys I’ve talked to said finshing a basement is pretty easy, and you can save $1,000’s if you do it yourself.

I’m curious how difficult it would be do this myself. And about how long? And the cost?

I can give you as much info on the place as I can. Just ask away.

1261 total finished square feet.

What else do you guys need to know?

We’re also looking at a different house and some don’t have finished basements. Some of the things anyone would need to know to give advice on how hard/costly DIY would be:

Condition of area, is it damp. prone to water problems or okay. Is there existing ducwork for HVAC? Do you want drywall on the walls or just paint the blocks? What type of ceiling? electrical/lighting requirements? Is this going to be one large 1200 sq ft area or multiple rooms? What type of floor covering?

Do you want a bathroom (if so what fixtures)and/or a wet bar. Do you want it wired for home theater? In the house shopping I’ve done, I’ve seen many different definitions of a “finished basement” that would have a large impact on cost or the ability of most people to DIY.

A relator/builder told me around $20k in my area would get a 1,000 sq ft area with drywall and drop ceiling, decent quality carpeting, electric wired for home theater and a bathroom (sink and toilet). Will be interested to see others comments.