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DIY Equipment


Hello there,
I have accumulated quite a nice home gym but whent he weather gets better id Like to try some strongman training and odd object lifting. Could anyone direct me to a few decent articles on DIY equipment- especially Logs and atlas stones. Ive seen one or two articles but some comments on other forums and this site suggests there are many.

Also What sort of Atlas stone should one begin with, My training partner and I both have powerlifting totals near or over 1000lbs.


I've done quite well with a little ingenuity and by stopping at the odd scrap bin in industrial areas.

Pipes, truck brake drums, beer kegs, plate steel that turned into a sled, stones.

Make friends. Just this morning I got a new beer keg as a gift from the fellow that delivers my coveralls. Make people away of what you're after. You never know who's got a skidder tire in their back ally they want removed.

One mans junk...


Cheers for the ideas man!