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DIY Casein/Whey Blend Ratios?

Hey guys,

Just wondering what the recommended ratio is? Main concern would be: effectiveness + mixability!

I’ll be trying to mix : Micellar casein (80% casein + 20% whey) with whey protein concentrates both of which will be un-flavoured.

Main questions:

  1. Ratio of the two?
  2. Does the fact that the micellar comes with 20% whey effect this?
  3. Benefits of this over just Whey protein concentrate for a guy who is just into weight loss and a bit of muscle gain ? (i.e. not a prof builder, or even a guy who wants to be ripped)

Off topic (somehow achieved in the OP…)
3) Has anyone used pure vanilla powder / cocoa / cinnamon as flavouring? What is it like? (mix-ability taste etc.)

  1. I am quite new to protein, and have been taking ON gold standard whey between breakfast - lunch, lunch-dinner & after workout with L-Leucine mixed in with all. The in-between meal protein drinks I try to eat something small with (muesli bar / piece of fruit). Am I doing this right?


Buy some Metabolic Drive.

1.) Tastes Great
2.) Mixes just fine
3.) Works Great

Eat, lift, sleep, get laid, and go watch a baseball game.

Some of you guys make bodybuilding way too complicated…

To my knowledge there isn’t a universally recommended ratio. Personally, if I’m eating 6+ times a day (spread evenly throughout the day) I don’t see a need to use casein (except possibly before bed). However if you have a couple times where you’re waiting 4+ hours between meals it could be beneficial to use some casein. I’d just go 50/50 and call it a day.

Thanks dude, been looking around at other sites and that was the consensus too. People also mentioned taking some fats with whey to slow it down a bit (olive oil / nuts) instead of casein.

What Lanky said. But if you really want to save money go with a 0% casein blend. If you’re not a professioanl athlete and or if your funds are limited, I wouldn’t worry about casein whatsover.