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We know some of our fans were shocked and ... and upset, and we are compassionate to that,'' Maguire said.My problem is, when does it cross the line? … When is writing a threatening letter OK?’’-Dixie Chicks

 Anybody else know what they would do if the thee girls weren't so 'compassionate' towards us about their own fuckin mistakes?

I don’t really care for those chicks (I dont’ like country music in general).

IMHO, even if you disagree w/ the war, I think it’s important to show support for our troops because they DID NOT start the war. They follow the orders because they believe that they’re protecting American. They’re risking their lives in fricking desert so that some spoiled celebrities and good-for-nothing bums can protest the war. O, BTW if those fricking spoiled brats think that the troops are staying at some 5-star hotels, guess what? They don’t even have decent shower facilities, etc. So I’m sorry if I can’t show much support and sympathy for these chicks.

Hate Bush (i.e. dont’ vote for that idiot if you disagree w/ the war), but don’t hate the troops.

Due to supply issues, certain army and especially marine units have been lucky to get one meal per day at times.

They have a right to express their opinion and others have the right to express their’s (ie by boycots, public destruction of their albums, etc.).

I just wish this whole thing would go away. I am sick of seeing that little pudgy one on my TV all the time.

Stupid Ditsy Chicks.


But do these spoiled brats, others destroying/boycotting thier albums are CRUEL, while them bitching about the war is NOT. Hence, I’m sick of them. People like that ought to be carted off to Iraq.

so if i decide not to listen to their music because i dont like what they stand for i should be carted off to iraq. they have every right to say whatever they want. they also have every right to accept the consequences for saying what they want.

I really like their stuff. The latest album may be the best country album of the decade. WAY superior to the pop/rock shit coming out of Nashville. As to their politics, what do you expect? Their families are in entertainment - the odds of them being brought up as anything but liberals is pretty slim. Who gives as shit what they think? If I boycott every artist that says or does something I disagree with, my list of available music and movies would be pretty slim. If they want to spout off and take their hits, more power to them. I hope they don’t whine or apologise tonite. That would be lame. I have a lot more respect for someone that sticks to their guns, regarless of whether or not I agree with them. BTW – If you really want to hear someone bust on Bush, check out David Cross.


argh! What I meant to say was (I don’t know why my post came out the way it did) that if these celebs get upset cuz people don’t listen/buy their CD’s, etc. due to their political position (such as anti-war, etc) and find boycott-ers cruel or mean-spirited, these celebs should be carted off to Iraq cuz they dont’ deserve to live here. Why is it that it’s OK for the celebs to say whatever they want, but it’s NOT OK for the general public to boycott them, etc.? Free speech, right?

I think the Chicks may have learned a tough lesson…that this Freedom/Democracy/Free speech stuff can be a tough one…

In other words…if you give it…be prepared to take it…

Anyway…I don’t think the Millionaire Chicks will be missing any meals or hair highlighting sessons anytime soon…


I have to agree with whoever said that the celebs seem to be able to speak their mind about their stance on this and that, but then are pissed and upset when the consequences come out. I honestly don’t see how celebs seem to know more about war and consequences of war than the average citizen. It’s as if they are on the inside of every meeting of all the cabinets, finding out all the details.

I’m pro-peace, but if maintaining the peace means we have to go to war, I’m all for it. I just hope my brother-in-law comes home safely.

If you guys don’t know, we are shipping some Marines out to go “terrorist hunting” in the Philippines (sp?) and other South East Asian countries.

Semper Fi to all the Marines.

I’m more pissed off at the Chicks for apologizing for what they said ONLY AFTER their record sales began to slip. Totally spineless. NOW I’m never ever gonna buy any of their music.

Let me say first of all that I don’t like the Dixie Chicks anyway, but I don’t give a a half a shit whether they or any other entertainer supports war, random social issues, or even life on earth. I listen to/watch what I do to be entertained, and I read that which I read to be enlightened. I don’t confuse the two things. Just because some hollywood highschool dropout jackoff makes a political stand doesn’t mean I care. I don’t care about Wagner’s political views, the guy may have been a shit, but he wrote good operas. The same goes with the modern batch of performers/entertainers. Would you boycot a circus (assuming you would go to one in the first place) because one of the clowns was a communist? Hollywood is nothing more than a circus. Point and laugh instead of getting all riled up.

I need a nap.

Did you guys read the quote? They said they understand people disagreeing with them, but think threatening letters cross the line. This is correct, right? Threatening someone’s safety/life over this issue is wrong…right?

I get so tired of hearing “they have the right” to do this or that or whatever. Does anybody remember how we got these “RIGHTS”? By standing up for ourselves and kicking some freaking butt, thats how. If we had the “war is not the answer” mentality in the late 1700’s then I’m not so sure that the Dixie Chicks or anybody for that matter would have half as many rights as we do now. Plus, they made the remark while they were OVERSEAS…what losers. I thought they were putting out some really good music lately, but there is no way that I will spend money and help support their “hollywood lifestyle” after I went to the Gulf in the early 90’s to fight and they can’t even be appreciative of the fact that they live in a country where they can make the kind of money that they make. Yes, Goldberg they do have the right, but dang dude if somebody is gonna live off of this country’s resources and use the rights that we have, they better be supportive of our decisions and more importantly, be damn ready to defend this WONDERFUL COUNTRY!

“I have to agree with whoever said that the celebs seem to be able to speak their mind about their stance on this and that, but then are pissed and upset when the consequences come out.”

I doubt that the Dixie Chicks thought that their off-the-cuff comments would result in getting death threats. If that is the result of speaking one’s mind, then maybe we need to think about whether we truly have freedom of speech here, or not?

This IS still “America”… isn’t it?

I didn’t mean death threats to be consequences. In fact, I didn’t know about those until you said something. The consequences I was talking about are the boycotts and such, not threats on their lives. I agree those actions are totally wrong and immoral. No argument here.