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I downloaded a couple of DVDs online, and it says they are all divxfactory. The folder contains like 20 files. Any of you guys know how to extract this thing?



It is in Xvid format if that will tell you anything.


download an x-vid decoder?


Sounds like its compressed as several files - probably rar. Get WinRAR from download.com. That should extract almost anything you come across. After you extracted it you will most likely need to download a divx or xvid codec.



what he said.


could you please post a full-size picture of your avatar?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Save this for future reference:

1) Right-click on avatar pic.

2) Select "view image", "open image" or whatever similar option you have on your browser.

3) Enjoy.


I'll post it anyways for everyone's enjoyment.



Nothing wrong with that! Best thread hijack I have ever seen :slight_smile:


Thank you! That's very gratifying.

And yes, I'll remember the pic saving for future reference.