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Divorcee Can't Live On $43 Million


[i]HARTFORD, Conn. - A 36-year-old Swedish countess divorcing a former CEO says she cannot live on $43 million.

Marie Douglas-David, a former investment banker, says she has no income and needs her 67-year-old husband, George David, to pay her more than $53,000 a week ? more than most U.S. households make in a year ? to cover her expenses.[/i]


Her WEEKLY expenses:


That is one expensive trophy wife he got there!


Unbelievable, what a freeloading bitch.


Dude, she's got five homes and kids to take care of.


Hopefully she gets nothing and has to work.

$480 wk on a f*cking cell phone? Does she break her Iphone 2x a week or something?


Some people need a fucking reality check, all that shit she lists as expenses are things her husband was paying for because they were married.

You don't get to drive the damn company car after you quit the job.

I hope the prenup sticks. Anyone could live comfortable as hell on 43mil indefinitely.


Isn't the whole point of a prenup is that the guy wouldn't have to go through this bullshit?


I know wtf does she need 5 houses for? I hate people.


I dunno about 'trophy' wife. With all that money I would've expected at least some type of plastic surgery. She looks pretty normal to me.



Like she lives in all of these houses at once by herself.

She spends over $1,000 a week ON HER HAIR.

Any man making six figures or more a year who gets married now without a pre-nupt is a dumbass.


No pussy is worth 43 million..especially not hers.


She should be stoned to death. If you are making that type of money by doing nothing, you should give a lot away to charity or some other higher cause.


I thought so too. If she gets her way, then it may set the stage for more women to be able to argue against it.

Hopefully, she doesn't get shit.


Anyone catch this part?

Anne Dranginis, an attorney for David and retired Connecticut Appellate Court judge, predicted that Douglas-David will get much less money in the divorce if she doesn't accept the terms of the postnuptial.

So in that regard, as selfish/greedy as she's sounding. I hope she shows her true colors to the judge and she gets her original deal cut down. Then that 43 million won't look so bad to her after. I just don't understand the mindset of some people.


If I had 43 million I would help the world as much as possible. I'd put away a few million for a rainy day, and give the rest to families that really need it, and people who really need it. People who want to make a change but cannot because of money. Charities etc. My dad wanted to go to more school after highschool but living in Yugoslavia he had no money, neither did his parents. When I was 10 and I went to our homeland the "house" he lived in had dirt as the floor. But they did have a lot of land.

Makes me sick when I think of these people man, I can understand the guy, you know..probably had his foot in the door, but either way I'm sure he busted his ass for that shit..but that girl, fuck that. Just like Paris Hilton, I thought she was a cool girl until I saw her show. Makes me sick how she treats the people, thinks everythings a joke with people's business..I wouldn't ever let my kids get like that.


What a free loading bitch.

like B rock said $480/week on her cell phone?? PLEASE

Ugh shit like this fucking pisses me off.

I hope that she doesn't get any of it.


Do you want her hair stylist to lose his/her job?

Countesses have appearances to keep up. Gosh, you guys sure are unreasonable.


What a nightmare.


Prof X wrote: "Any man making six figures or more a year who gets married now without a pre-nupt is a dumbass. "

I agree more with Chris Rock:

EVERYONE needs a prenup. If you've got twenty million dollars and your wife wants ten, big deal, you ain't starving. But if you make thirty thousand and your wife wants fifteen, you might have to kill her!


Yeah, but he is 31 years older than she is... anyone really think they married for love?