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Dividing HCG


Could any one tell what they do to split 1500iu Hcg into 500iu. Apart from the obvious how do you keep the rest of the powder sterile and what do you do use when you need to mix it 2nd and 3rd time around?

Thanks for any replies


if you can get away without useing hcg,you would be better off. no shit.



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Its in conjunction with hrt to maintain the size of my balls!


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Well first off you don't mix HCG by cutting the powder, I can't imagine trying to do this and maintaining and resonable knowledge of the dosage.

Here is a simple method.

1 Mix the HCG in the 1 ml of sterile water.
2 Have a sterile 10 ML vile on hand and put the mixed HCG into the vile.
3 Add 2 mls of sterile water into the vile. Now you have 500 ius per 1 ml of water
4 Refrigirate the HCG until you use it
5 HCG will last up to 30 or so days

You need to check around on how to use HCG in a HRT program. Is your doc prescribing or are you self prescribing?


Thank you over40 you have been very helpful. Endo is prescribing but I haven't got my protocol yet I am meeting him on Tuesday. He might not even recommend small shots of HCg.

Take care


I suggest mixing the HCG and transferring it to a sterile bottle for long term usage.