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Dividing HCG to Lower Ui Per ML

Hi - I have HCG in preloaded syringe, which is 0,5ml and 6500ui - I want to have 250ui per ml
Will it be ok if I mix it with bac water let’s say 1:13 (hcg:bac water) in sterlie (haha) urine lab cup and keep it in fridge? Then I’d fill insulin syringe with 0,5ml and it should be approximately 250ui?
Have You got similar “experience”? :smiley:
Where I live no other form of hcg is available so I have to improvise.


Try to get a larger empty vial. Transfer hCG to that adding 6ml BA water to get 6.5ml total to have 1000iu/ml. Then inject .25ml of that for 250iu or “25” on an insulin syringe. An older vial can be rinsed with bac water then steamed to sterilize if you think there is merit in that.

As you transfer the 6ml, run some of that through the small original preloaded syringe to capture residual amounts of hCG.

Your technique is very important to avoid contamination/infection. After you mix, if you let the vial stand for a few hours the 0.9% benzyl alcohol will deal with any possible pathogens.

Thanks man, I been thinking similar, even found hcg calculator :slight_smile: