Dividing Anastrozole Tab

I have to take 0.5mg/wk Adex divided in EOD doses for estrogen control. I am not on any kind of cycle.

Whats the best way to divide a small-lentil-sized Tab in 8 equal parts? (1mg to 0.125mg)

I do not have access to liquid anastrozole. And I am aware that E2 fluctuation is something we should avoid like an anal thermometer.

I figure this is the most appropriate place to post this question.


I use a razor blade (clean with alocohol 1st,let it dry) and split 1mg in half,no probs yet…

Have you tried a regular pill cutter from a drugstore? I got a decent one with a metal blade and casing to catch the pill when it breaks for cheap (under 10 bucks).

Good Luck…Razor blade might be your best option

You can get away with taking it E3D. So if you can manage to get it it quarters you should be good.