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Diverticulitus + Hiatal Hernia

Years of complex digestion issues are starting to be shed some light on. A recent colonoscopy showed immflamation , a hiatal hernia in my traverse colon, and infecticed diverticulitus in the same area. This is preventing food from moving through me completely.

I don’t want to start a massive antibiotic protocol, and don’t know how to treat a hiatal hernia either? doctor says to remove the colon. BULLSHIT!


Why would the doctor want you to get your whole colon removed? Usually with diverticulitis, if it’s bad enough, only the affected portion is removed.

Was the inflammation related to the diverticulitis or did they say you could possibly have colitis as well? Surgery should only be considered if you’re extremely sick and are out of options.

Peruse this web site:


I would get a 2nd and 3rd opinion. I know that any good GI doc would be hesitant or even resistive to the idea of having your colon removed. That is a huge intervention that should only be looked at as a last resort. I hope your hernia doesnt require surgery. I just had hernia repair surgery 2 weeks ago and its a humbling experience. Get a 2nd opinion from a specialist.

Remember, YOU are the one who will have to deal with the consequences of whatever u decide to do. If you have surgery, the doctor wont feel your pain or misery. In fact, his day will go along without a hitch. Sorry to sound like a buzz kill, but I had 4 botched surgeries myself.

Of course, we don’t know what the complete diagnosis or what was really said.

Like was mentionned, is it ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s with diverticulitis (on diverticula or multiple) what amount of colon is involved.

Is it progressing in terms of symptoms…and so on…


The main problem is that food doesn’t move through mysystem and when I eat protein It ends up collecting right in the middle of my traverse colon. I often get stabbing pains in that area, especially when I eat raw salads , added fiber and heavy meats . SUCKS.

OUt of sheer will I built my self back to a level of strength but my body struggles to hold its charge. THIs has been a humbling experience.

Im so frusturated at the holistic doctors for never recomending a colonoscopy people always pushed more fiber, more enzymes, acidopholis and such over and over again which did nothing.

I dont know if their are any other possibilities to repair these conditions as I will never remove my colon for fear of a worse consequence.

Sorry to hear about your problem man. Best of luck to you.

My only advice is to go see multiple doctors. Just like trainers, not every doctor has the same knowledge, background, or work ethic to do the right thing for their client.