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First of all let me say the differing opinions on this forum are great. I know many of you have issues with each other, but as a new comer, It’s great to hit one sight and get differing opions, besides if we all just got along we’d have to rename the sight Gyno.net or something.


Yeah, evveryone comees from different backgrounds, but we’ve all got a common goal, so that seems to overcome any major issues we’ve got with each other.

Yeah! Well what the hell would you know (just kidding). Differing opinions are good, what annoys me is the hijacking of posts to voice propoganda that it appears most of the forum are offended by ie.anti-semitism. It’s the same old thing repackaged and regurgitated (sp?).

I know what you mean, but there are morons and asses in all walks of life. All we can do is try to educate. In the mean time, I hope we don’t get so caught up in the muck that we lose the diversity.