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Diversity, Inc Tells Us What Not to Ask Muslims



The sad thing is, it looks like a joke, but its deadly serious. I wonder when criticizing Obama will become a federal felony offense?


I think it's even more absurd that people don't have the etiquette to not say these things in the first place.


I think it's absurd that its a whole website dedicated to making sure adults say the politically correct thing.


Any adult who in seriousness puts any of those questions to another adult is an idiot, and can therefore be forgiven for any offense that might be caused.


Anyone who would be "offended" so easily deserves any uncomfortability she may feel when confronted with such questions.


Exactly. It seems as though a significant portion of the population go out of there way to be offended, especially special interest groups.

The thought police are working overtime.


Can you use chopsticks?
Please speak in English...kimochi warui.
I've seen you around here for a long time, do you live in this country?
So, when are you going home?

Do you honestly handle these questions well every time? If so, you're a much better man than I.


I don't get it...I get asked this bullocks all the time. At least half the people are nice the Mussies. I just get called a pagan and a cultist.

Q: Why can't Catholics decide when Lent/Advent begins?
A: We do know when it begins ass, just because you can't follow a liturgical calender with more than three holidays on it doesn't mean we don't know when it is.

Q: Why can't you eat today?
A: Why are you eating during a season of prayer, fasting, and alms giving? Shouldn't you be doing penance for Easter/Christmas? Or are you just going to roll up in your brand new shiny Cadillac in your brand new Easter color suit wearing Baptist self, while telling your poor hungry brethren laying in the gutter that they just need a little more Jesus?

Q: But you look like a Muslim!
A: Allahu Akbar!

Q: I don't know you spoke Latin!
A: Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris

Q: Why can't you pray on your coffee break?
A: No wonder we burned heretics, Catholics take wine breaks.


Everytime someone says thought police i think of the book 1984.


Hahah! Masterfully played!

I do try and take it in stride, though, or I'd just go absolutely nuts. Plus at this point my Japanese, cultural adaptability and general self-confidence here are so far advanced that I demand a lot more respect and those scenes are far less frequent than they used to be.



The definition of Political correctness is not what the semantics of the day say it is . It has to be the biggest politically correct term going now , at least by the modern meaning


lol I try to take this stuff in stride, but it just annoys me sometimes. I think its most annoying with acquaintances I've known for a period of time. Eh. Probably my own fault for letting it get to me. Anyway, I figured the link above was just a "hey, these things get annoying...here's a 101" type of thing. I could see myself writing something like that if I had a blog.


There's more than just websites! There's tomes of literature dedicated to not being offensive! If you're interested, you can always try Judith Martin (aka Miss Manners), Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt, Vogue, Kate Spade, or any number of books on etiquette.

If you've ever read any Miss Manners, you'd know the overarching theme is not "back straight, bread on the left;" it's "how not to be a jackass."


This is interesting. IT's from last year.
And one of the main advisers in thatg piece is from CAIR, front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Nice job with the dawa there!

On the purely human level, these questions are no more idiotic than question asked by people who don't know anything about someone's religion.

If I were religious I wouldn't expect people to know details. I'd certainly prefer polite questions to hostile misrepresentation!!

Companies have no obligation to provide "group" prayer rooms in a multicultural office. On the other hand, smokers always seem to get breaks that others are not entitled to...


Manners are for tools.




Smokers don't get 'smoke breaks.' They get their two 10 minute breaks; same as every other schlub drone.

As an alternative to sounding like a ahole, how about one of the following:

1) Doing a little research then asking a specific question, as though you care.
B) Asking a question in a manner that suggests you are interested in the answer, as though you care.
$) STFU and mind your own business.


Firstly, don't insult me without finding out more.
Secondly, we live in different countries. Where I live, smokers get time for smoke breaks that other people don't. It's a source of complaint here.
Maybe not where you live, and if that's so I'm glad about it.
THirdly, STFU and mind your own business - ya big bully!



I just thought this interesting. I travel a fair amount in the ME. Universally, the muslims believe Obama is a muslim, hiding his true identity. (Note I don't say Obama is muslim; this is just the perception in the ME.)

On the topic of political correctness, people can call me whatever they want. They typically do. I don't care.