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Diversity in Greens Supplement Intake

In addition to my normal intake of whole fruits and vegetables, various mixed Greens supplements have been a part of my diet for the past 2 years. I am definitely a believer in their contribution to overall health. Upon the release of Biotest’s Superfood, I immediately added it to my rotation. This addition was particularly nice due the amazing taste of Superfood as compared to the other products I consume.

Though many ingredients are similar amongst the various greens products, I have employed a multi-product approach to increase the diversity and ratios of ingredients I consume. What are everyone’s thoughts on this concept?

Currently, I take ‘Green Vibrance’ from Vibrant Health, 'Emerald Balance’from SGN Nutrition, and ‘Superfood’ from Biotest. When my tub of Green Vibrance is empty I switch to a tub of ‘Perfect Food’. I go back and forth on those two. I have been using the non-Biotest products since I began my Green supplementation 2 years ago and chose the products based on their ingredient list… more specifically the ingredients they did not include. Biotest wrote about some of these trouble ingredients when they released Superfood. In any given day, I typically have one serving of 2 of the 3 products currently in my rotation.

It’s difficult to tell if I have any increased or decreased health benefits from my product diversity approach, but the taste diversity helps me out a lot… particularly with the Green Vibrance and Perfect Food, since they are not exactly delicious. Emerald Balance is decent in taste and the individually wrapped packages are tremendously convenient when it comes to traveling.

Then there’s Superfood… which tastes simply amazing and has a no-nonsense ingredient list! My personal favorite combination is taking Superfood with a Raspberry Surge post-workout shake. My only wish is that Superfood mixed more evenly with shakes… no matter what shaker I use it still comes out with a bunch of clumps. It’s a small price to pay for the taste and nutrition it delivers though.

Most days I’ll usually get in a serving of Superfood in my morning shake and drink Perfect Food PWO, since that’s when I could care less that it tastes like grass clippings. All I know is ever since using these supps along with a mostly meat and veggie diet, I’ve gotten leaner, stronger, and don’t get sick. As long as I can afford to, I’ll continue taking these two supplements daily.

Sooo… I licked the litmus, it read 7. What is a healthy ph? the chart taht came with it gave 5-8 range. I’ll do it tomorrow morning after fasting…