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Diversity for Hypertrophy

With all due respect for Chad and his expertise, Does anyone else question this program he suggests in this weeks article? Has anyone had any experience with this type of program, and if so what kind of results did you see?

I don’t have any experience with this program but Chad is always coming up with new and interesting programs that work. I liked the idea and am looking at incorporating it with Chad’s Anti-BB program (which is the best program I’ve ever done).

I’ve had the best gains of my life with the Anti-bodybuilding routine, so I’m inclined to trust him.

I am a HUGE fan of Chad’s work. His 100 reps worked great for my hamstrings. This summer i will be incorporating 100 reps again and Diversity into the westside scheme I have planned for this summer. I think the combination of strength work and higher rep days for recovery and endurance is going to work out great. I can’t wait to see what else Chad has in store for us.