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Diversity for Hypertrophy Questions

Hi there,

I am quite satisfied with Chad’s stuff,its great.

I did the AOW and afterwards i mixed up the ranges a bit (3x3)-but now I need some serious variation I think,cause I want to go back to the AOW proggy as soon as possible.

My goal is strength and size.

So how were your experiences with the diversity for hypertr.method?

Do u think it will fit my needs?

I have some questions related to it:

-There are 4 sessions weekly-2 strength and 2 high rep workouts-do I have to increase the reps,sets weight,whatever weekly or from strength day to strength day?

-Do i also have to increase my reps,weight whatever on the high rep day (cause its for active recovery I think)

-If so,how is this calculated?
Fex Strength day will be 7x5-10x5
Do i also have to calculate the range for the high rep day? In this case:(doubled and divided) 2x35-2x50?

-Do I have to include 4 different exercises for each day, for variation?

-Does my maximum strength remain or will it grow?(I think so,cause the programm will get me also stronger through myofibrill hypertr-when I start at 100kgx7x5 and get to 100kgx10x5 I get stronger)

So how is your experience on diversity for hypertrphy by Chad Waterbury?
I am also fully satisfied with short answers,I am lucky to get one=)

have a nice day


doesn?t any of you had try this?