Div. 1 Cheerleaders

AAaahh…I’m in heaven! Another season of College Football has begun in ernest! There were some great games! A question. I caught glimpses of some of those amazing stunts by the Cheerleading Squads. It’s obvious that the guys pump iron…some of them are bigger than some of the football players! But does anybody know if the ladies regularly pump iron OR is a lot of their strength simply from functional exercises? (in other words, merely by doing their routines, like the female gymnast?)

I am a cheerleader but at the Division II level. Our girls do train with weights but it is mostly natural. We do a lot of pushups, jumps, stairs, etc. in our practices. That probably has a lot to do with the way they look.

The women I’ve stunted with pumped iron as well. Actually, let’s say lifted the weights. They only touched the iron because it was mandatory. They thought that they would get too “buff”. However, I know a few cheerleaders who hit the weights hard. These few women are the ones who are a little more knowledgeable about lifting and how it carries over into stunting.

Mufasa, just think about seeing these girls everyday when they have nothing but sports bras and booty shorts on. check out this site to look at our hotties http://athletics.colstate.edu/teamRoster.asp?pk=12

Goldberg: This is a little off topic, but something you mentioned brought up a thought. I think the NCAA is just another big beuracracy that attempts to protect its territory, but they used to have a great “rule” (when they had more input and control over television contracts), that there had to be a certain percentage of Division 2 and 3 schools that were televised. No more. The smaller schools that could really use the revenue (for God sakes…Steve Spurrier at Florida makes 2 million plus a year and The Ducks spend $2,400/GALLON on paint for their helments!)…any way…the smaller schools are lucky even if they get mentioned on “SportsCenter” (and last night, not one was)…oh well…money talks…so all many of us will get to see are Division 1 schools and their Cheerleading Squads…(by the way…I hope Spurrier uses some of that moola to buy some Valium…the guy is INTENSE!!! :)—!!!

Man you are such a jerk. All that time with that gaggle of hotties! In all fainess, cheerleaders and gymnasts are a hell of a lot stronger on a functional level than most athletes. Not just pound for pound either. I think that a lot more people would be happy if they approach their training on a functional level rather than the “more mass, dammit!”. or , I can flat flye X pounds super setted with blankety, blank.
One statement I heard, if you can’t chin or do a handstand pushup, you are either or both too fat or too weak.

Gold: Is there ANY question in ANYBODYS mind that there is nothing in this world that will turn a man into a blubbering pile of whining goo quicker than a smile and a “Hi” from a Southern woman?? :)—!!! (By the way…a cute botty sure doesn’t hurt!). Great pics…and a hot squad, Bro! (Do any of the rest of the squad read “Testosterone?” The ladies look like “Fitness”, “Self” and “Southern Accents” are more their style! :)–!!!)…oh…Tell Amber Mckinley and Leah Anderson that the Lion said “Hi!”! Mufasa

Wow…Jay…that concept of fuctional strength has always been something that amazes me…you can take one of those petite ladies on Goldberg’s squad and she can do one-arm pushups, sitting splits, handstands, chins, run stadium stairs and barely break out in a sweat, and catch one of her teamates that drops down from a pyramid…but put a 20 pound dumbbell in her hand and she struggles…amazing stuff if you ask me…

Can anyone say Freudian slip! You have made my day- ROTFLMAO!!

Yep…cuties…especially Southern ones…cloud my judgement AND my spelling! #1) BOOty…and the WORST slip of all #2) FUNCtional…!!! :)—!!! LOL!!! Thanks, Katana…! Mufasa

You picked two good ones Mufasa. Jay i agree totally on functional strength.