Diuretics for Females

What is a good diuretic for my girlfriend to use? She has a pageant on Saturday and needs to lose a couple of pounds of water. Shes already in great shape, but she needs a little touching up. Patricias input would be especially helpful on this. thanks.

Try dandellion root. You can buy it at most health and fitness stores. It is a natural diuretic. Works well if you use enough. The recommended dosage is usually lower than needed.

Hey Goldberg! Whattup?

Okay, first things first: sodium intake. What's she doin' in the way of her current sodium intake? Water: is she drinking alot? Very little? Also, Vitamin C is a nice "natural" diuretic.

As for diuretic drugs: I have no experience with them. In the past, I used manipulation via water intake and watched my sodium intake the week of a contest.

I've not even tried any of the over-the-counter diuretics available. I just prefer not complicating my pre-contest prep with them drugs anyhow.

I suggest TARAXATONE by cytodyne. I don’t normally endorse their products but this one is excellent. Not suitable for people extremely sensitive to caffeine. I also suggest vit.C in moderation. You don’t need the sh*ts just before a show.

We started limiting sodium last night. We also switched her only source of fluids to water(no diet colas). Vitamin C would be good. Cheap too. I had heard of the dandelion root before but was sketchy on the dosages. Any suggestions?

Hey, Goldberg, I just performed a forum search using “dandelion root” as the subject. Looks like there has been not just one, but several discussions about this topic! I would have listed the links, but thought you might want to read them all yourself. (take note on one post that mentioned the importance of also maintaining your potassium!) I hope that helps - and good luck to your girlfriend!