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Diuretics for a Photo Shoot

Looking for some recommendations for cutting down and getting dry ripped for a photo shoot coming up in a few weeks. I’m at 9% BF right now. I’ve never used any diuretics and this is my first real shoot. Ideas and suggestions for good diuretics that have worked would be gratefully welcome.

Well first off read “Shredded in 6 days” by Shugart and Thibs. Thats what you need to do, manipulate you water wheight. It involves Carb depleting then carbing up so you peek at the right time and draw the water into the muscle and not subcutanious water below the skin as well as some sodium loading!

As far as Diuretics Go

Use either Sann - Tight, Taxatone, or MHP - Expel I think those are your best bet but THERES ALOT MORE TO GETTING DRY THEN A DIURETIC. READ THE ARTICLE!!!

Good Luck!

preparation H :wink:

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
preparation H :wink: [/quote]

hehehe…it gives you a nice smell about you too.

Here’s the article though:




thanks. ive read the article and know that it works. do you have any personal experiences with anything that has worked or even things that have not worked?

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