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Diuretics: First Bodybuilding Show

What’s good guys,

Sorry this is my first post, I’m really not a forum guy but this question I need input on because I’m not sure what to do in regards to taking a diuretic for my bodybuilding show.

I’m on test cyp 500mgs a week, masteron prop 100mgs EOD, tren ace 75mgs EOD.

I’ve been taking 1mg arimidex every day and it seems to be helping me get dryer but I’m not sure if I should take a diuretic before the show, it seems like a gamble from what I’ve read.

I attached a pic of myself pumped up and I appear dry enough (3 weeks out). My plan is to use the protocol attached below… if I were to buy a diuretic it would be Dyazide and I would use it with that protocol.

What are your thoughts on diuretics, would it be necessary for me? What are your thoughts on the protocol attached below? Any thoughts/opinions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the protocol I want to try, thoughts?