Diuretics? Any Luck with Them?

I have been trying to get rid of the sloppy flab that is covering my abs, and dieting alone can’t seem to make it happen. I drink over a gallon of water a day, limit to one diet soda, and eat pretty lean for an okie. I’m at about 18%BF, work out 5 times a week with 30min of cardio before. I could always up the antie, but at 45, I’m already hitting the limit. I know that 18% won’g give me the abs that I see in this website, but you do know what I mean about having that sloppy stuff. So…anyone have any luck with diuretics? Any suggestions?

Diuretics will take the water out… not fat… if your 18%… they won’t do anything for you… they’re used to dry up… when you’re already really lean… if you’re 18%… then you are 18%… you have to cut more…

Check this out:

VERY good info in there…

or perhaps the V-Diet??




no way that some pills will tighten up what I’ve already got? Ya think that I’m lookin’ for the easy way out, and your telling me that it desn’t exist?
I probably knew that anyway, just needed a kick in ass to get it through my thick head.

You’re nowhere close to being ready to see a benefit from diuretics.

Save them until you’re under 10%, if not significantly less.

you could try vomiting after meals as well

YeaH! ha! Not quite bulimic, but I guess if you ask a stupid question…
Thanks for the info, I’ll have to take another route, i guess.