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Diuretics and Mountain Biking

Would it be bad idea if took diuretics before a 3 day mountain biking gig?

I would only do it for weight loss aspect. Losing 5-10lbs makes a huge difference on the climbs. So this is not for a ripped look aspect.

I will be drining a shit load of water everday --(I drink a gallon+ of water everday anyways)

Since diurtics have potasium and other electrolite sparing ingredients.

Would I be in danger of cramping up?

Diuretics are not something you want to mess with unless you really know what you’re doing. More than being in danger of cramping up, you could be in danger of dieing if you were to screw up and let yourself get too dehydrated. If you just want to drop some quick water weight why not follow a very low carb diet for a few days prior to your trip?

“Playing with fire” is all I gotta say.

Your probably safer to stay away from the diuretics, worst case scenario you can shut down your kidneys . I don’t know of any diuretics that contain electrolytes they usually mess up your chemical balance if not properly managed. But if you are planning on using them then I would suggest mixing up some Gatorade or Powerade into your camel back and drink that for your rides instead of straight water…