Disturbing Video on Youtube

I mean wtf is that?

child abuse

FAWK i can’t watch anymore

a couple months ago i mentioned I rough housed with my 6 month old daughter. I see now i have to reevaluate my definition of rough housing because HOLY FUCK THAT’S CRAZY SHIT RIGHT THERE.

Fuck, maybe that stuff won’t hurt the baby, but how the hell would anyone know? Who takes that kind of chance?

I had the sound off, was that baby crying or anything?

Is that even real?

If it’s not fake:
What’s interesting to me is that the baby looks really small, like weeks or just a couple months old. I wouldn’t expect a baby that young has such strong head/neck control.

I wonder if that baby is older than it looks. My perspective is skewed as all my kids were nursed and big for their ages until they were older.

Im pretty sure it’s fake.

Babies != kettlebells

[quote]shadylow wrote:
Im pretty sure it’s fake.[/quote]

I don’t think it is. I downloaded the MP4 and played it fullscreen, and the baby’s eyes open and close, and at one point it looks like it’s crying.

I dont think that was real.

Could be wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that a real child would be crying, I had the sound up, no crying.


I really dont understand people who do shit like this!

Why is it always people from the Eastern Europe? Maybe other crazy fucks who are into training newborn’s, like this clown of a woman but dont have access to Youtube yet, I dont know?

Anyway what is the fucking point of doing something like this. I was waiting for the babys arm to twist off.

That was disturbing!

I couldnt watch past :25… I think it has to be fake(at least I hope so)

If its real then thats so messed up. How did that babies arms not dislocate?

The music was there to disguise the baby’s cry of horror!

Am I the only one that saw the LOLs in that? Especially at that part where she first swung the baby around behind her head?

(and I think its obviously fake)

I kinda laughed at how stupid this was. Some people are SO FUCKING STUPID. If she is waving her baby around who is discovering the cure for cancer then?

She wasn’t rough with it, the baby didn’t appear to be crying. There weren’t any sudden stops of momentum that would cause brain-skull impact.
It’d be interesting to find out more, like if she’s had other kids she’s done this with, and how they grew up.
Could be a way to build gymnasts from a young age, or help curb the obesity epidemic lol.

[quote]koleah wrote:
Am I the only one that saw the LOLs in that? Especially at that part where she first swung the baby around behind her head?

(and I think its obviously fake)[/quote]

I got a good laugh out of it, only because I thought it looked fake from the moment she was walking the baby.

If it’s real, then this woman deserves a kick to the cunt.

[quote]koleah wrote:
(and I think its obviously fake)[/quote]


Sense. That makes none.

Ummmmm… titties at 1:36, anyone?

Is it? A fake? It would have to be a really well made robot of some kind, as the kid moves like a living thing.

Can anyone read the language that is flashed at the beginning of the video?