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Disturbing Picture


I took this picture yesterday (Sunday, the 19th) outside a San Diego church.

This boy and members of his family were angry that the church in question allows gays to worship there.

They were also holding signs that said, "Your Pastor is a whore" and "God hates fags."

They are members of a fringe group called "God Hates America."

They believe that God "hates America" because they don't condemn gays. They attribute 9-11, the Challenger tragedy, and other events to God's anger. They also call President Bush "Pervert-in-chief" for appointing a gay ambassador (to Romania, I believe) and allowing gays to serve in our "fag army."

Anyhow, I thought people should see it.


It's disturbing that people think that way. It pisses me off when they get their kids involved too.


Isn't this sad? These same signs show around here (Colorado Springs) occasionally from a family of 12 from Kansas (Westboro Baptist Church). I'm not exactly sure what they're trying to accomplish as around here Focus on the Family is the big anti-gay hitter and these people have even alienated them.


Prime example of extremist thinking which is bad if you are a Muslim, an evangelical, an eco-terrorist, or neo-conservative!

It is a language of hate and hate stems from fear. Can you think of a more dangerous person then a zealot?


(1) that is f*cking tragic.
(2) what are you doing in San Dog?


These people who consider themselves Christians are the farthest thing from it. Even if the old testament condemns homosexuals, if you are a christian, the new testament overshadows all of the old teachings. The new testament tells us not to judge others, but to love others, even our enemies. Let God be the judge of morality.





I cannot believe some no account would have his kid hold up a sign like that.

Well, actually I guess I can -- especially in San Diego, with all those marines who wouldn't take too kindly to an adult male holding a sign like that...


I know, they are supposed to be followers of Christ. Now if you ask me that man would be absolutely disgusted if he could see these extreme baptists and their disgusting intolerant views.

If God created everything and even caused 9/11 in anger, isn't he being a hypocrite? Since he created man, he also created gays.


The New Testament is clear that christians should reserve judgement to those "inside" the Church and not to worry judging those outside, it's also clear that christians will be known by their manifestation of love, now, that doesn't mean condoning what the Bible calls sinful behavior but it means that people are more important to God than their sin, it doesn't matter how bad our sin. In behalf of self-righteous, condeming christians please accept my apology.


I never got the hatred thing towards gays in particular.

For me, being straight wasn't a "choice," or a decision, I was born that way. Therefore, I can only assume that gay people were also born that way. What if, by luck of the draw, you were born straight into a homosexual World?

It certainly appears that the bible condems homosexuality, but it also condems inumerable other acts that we all do every day. And from my understanding of Christianity, all (or at least most) sins carry the same amount of weight (this will vary from demonination to demonination I suppose).

The whole religious thing will probably never be sorted out to everyone's satisfaction, but it seems like the higher ground would be to at least tolerate gays and anyone else who doesn't share your lifestyle/belief system, provided of course that they aren't harming others in the process.


These people drove down from Kansas, too!

Must be part of the same group.

Here's another pic:


I spend as much time there as possible because I like it.


Yeah this church is headed by Pastor Fred Phelps. He gets his 12 kids to hold the signs. Here's some entertaining info about them:


These same twits, (yup the EXACT same people) were down here a few weeks ago. They were protesting one of the Baptist Churches because it didn't condemn the rape and murder of a thirteen year old boy a few years ago. They've been coming down here on the anniversary for the last few years.

The funny thing is, that none of the churches here condemned anyone. They all offered prayers and support to the boy's family.




There is nothing wrong with these people that I couldn't fix with my bare hands.

Massif - Spreadin' the love....


Hey TC i was born in San Diego in 64 though i was just a baby when we moved to bellingham, Washinton, so i have very little memory if any about san deigo. as for the pics i can not beleive thatthat child is holding and he's thinking it's god's anger. too bad him and the rest of those people will wind up like david koersch(spelling) and his followers in waco.



I hate to admit that Fred Phelps, I won't call him Pastor or any man of God, is from my home town. He and his piece of shit followers are everywhere. Colleges, corner of streets, gutters. Anywhere they can get there filthy little ideas in front of people.
Makes me sick. I see them all the time.


Thank God I live in Jersey. Some of the gay dudes around here are some jacked up motherf'ers...not too mention the religious psychos tend not to come into my true blue Democrat state. They go to places like the Utah and apparently San Diego. You guys can keep'em.