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Disturbing Karate Video


you will all be laughing until the end..

so fucked up.. dude should be in jail.



Fuck. Me.

Where I come from we call that, "attempted murder."

On the other hand, a halfway decent boxer would have knocked them both out. But that's beside the point :wink:


Jesus Fucking Christ.

God that really got out of hand fast. I mean that really escalated quickly.


OK... this video warrants a police investigation.. if that guys got left outside he could have suffocated or by the looks of it bled to death..


WTF is this?

Does anyone know what happened? Looks like the guy had a seizure.


I think this is the guy's facebook page- the head dicksmack in the black.

Bobby joe blythe - http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobby-Joe-Blythe/1640706444


from the original video description before he took it down:

apparently they left the guy in the dumpster and were somewhat proud of fucking him up..

this vid angers me alot... fuck ok fine the guy is a retard/moron, but he QUIT, and this piece of shit could have killed him.. who knows what actually happened to him, could have caused brain damage.

my dad's best friend died that way.. was drunk trying to get into a club, bouncer was a karate guy, beat the living shit out of him.. left him brain dead.. got 8 months in prison.. probably went down the same way as this vid.





Its to bad in those days finding an african american in the dumpster dead or alive didnt mean much .. We have come along way.. Shit like that happens today this asshat and his fucking douche bag sideman would be in jail.


That's absolutely fucked up. And he had it tagged self defense. Based on his description, he seems to think it justified to beat the guy to death. Absolute scum.


wow...without even watching near the end when shit went wrong..i KNEW exactly something bad was going to happen.
Because how the white man talked. "We're all in here for knowledge, right gentlemen?"
"Correct John?"
These confirmation words always mean bad bad news.



As soon as they guy said "you got it!" and dropped, they should have ended it.


That's what we call a "martial arts cult" led by a guy who gets off on beating people up. It's fucking pathetically sad.


"Never get stupid with a Marine" get the fuck out of here.
This really represents marines great.


Cant see the video.


It got removed! Dammit. Hate when they do that.

What's up Drew!? Vertical jump masta. Tell Adam to reset my PW cause I haven't been able to sign in for 3 weeks! I've emailed him but he's done nothing! Hahha




Wow. This is crazy. I can't believe that guy posted that online himself. Glad the guys from Bullshido are actually doing something about it. What a fuckin fraud that guy is.


yeah agreed. That head stomping at the end was pathetic and disgraceful conduct. I don't give a fuck who the person is. That's just plain wrong.. I see this blowing up on the news very soon.....


Guy is an idiot. Does he not realize? People get charged for things they did 20-30 years all the time with the right evidence. That video is all that is needed....