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Disturbing Dream


I had a dream last night where me and my girl cousin were um, intimate. I haven't even seen her in about ten years. I think I must have mental problems.


Just be happy it was your girl cousin and not your cousin's boy.


Is she at least hot?


I'm surprised you even remember what she looks like after ten years.

I'm praying that one of you is adopted.


How old was she ten years ago, anyway?


are your parents cousins?




No, we're cousins. Why, is it open season on 2nd cousins in Canada?


I find often with dreams, you don't really know what the person looks like, or else they look like someone else, but you just kind of know who they are, like you can feel who that person in the dream is, like once I had some random dream with my brother in it, but he looked like Randy Couture, but it was my brother, you know?


Wouldnt pay much attention to it, a dream is just that a dream, no secret deep want to bang your cousin or anything like that (unless you know you want to ofcourse).

People these days like to think that after all the psychology books about dreams came out that every dream has some deep meaning and blah blah blah when it actually takes years of therapy to reach those kind of conclusions.


"I think if your cousin is super hot, you should be able to fuck once."
-Dave Attell


Yea, you're definitely a sick fuck.

But like others have said, if she's hot then it's cool.


In many states 1st cousins are legal.

Dream that you moved and it's all good.


It's normal, see here the explanation.