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Distrust M.D.s - Suspect Low T


i suspect that i may be suffering from low testosterone. I'm otherwise in good health, but for the last 3 years or so i have noticed a continued decline in my energy, tenacity, and sexual interest. in today's pharmacological world, I'm very distrustful of a doctors motives when seeking treatment. my request of the forum is some feedback from members regarding supplements and so forth, as i am completely ignorant when it comes to hormone supplementing. if there is anyone out there who would be willing to mentor me into this i would appreciate it. thanks guys.


I sent you a PM of where I chose to go. That said, I am sure there are lots of folks on here who can get you pointed in a good direction. Blood Tests will likely be the 1st order of business.


There is a very open minded Dr christianson located in scottsdale that I would recommend.
He is ND and DO as well.


Please read the stickies.

Read some posts by others, you may find these very useful. Please do not inject your "case" into the threads of others or into the stickies.

This is a good first read:

But note that thee above book is negative about injections, see the protocol for injections sticky for that. And the book pre-dates the use of anastrozole/Arimidex for E2 management.

You have a major amount of things to understand. You will need to manage your own health care, but your distrust of doctors will make that easier to do.

Please keep reusing this thread and to not start new ones, so we have some context to refer to as time goes by.

Please provide:

when did this problem start and sudden?
was this preceded by a blow to the head or illness?
testes ache?
testes ever ache with a fever?
do you now get cold easily?
do you get iodine from iodized salt or supplements?
moody, passive, depressed?
what supplements are you taking now?

Some Rx or OTC drugs can increase E2 and lower T, list these or PM to me.

You can do your own labs out-of-pocket at lef.com:

And we can help you understand the results.

There are supplements for general health that one should be taking in any case. It is not possible to supplement one's testosterone levels by taking small amounts.


Age: 26
Height: 5' 7" on flat feet
Waist: 33" (from 29" 3 years ago)
Start date: not sure exactly but i believe it started when i was about 18 and premature hair loss prompted me to shave my head by 21. i believe it's been a steady decline ever since and about 3 years ago is when i noticed the really scary effects such as depression, lack of sexual interest, lethargy and almost no motivation i slowly fell away from the gym and into a sedentary lifestyle. several attempts to correct this have failed.
Injury or illness: none that i can remember.
Testes: yes but only recently and not in the last month or so. occurred on and off once or twice a week for roughly 4-6 weeks, and once more last week with none since. no fever along with the episodes that i noticed.
Cold: no
Iodine: likely from iodized salt, but i do not typically add any to my food, so whatever is inherent in the food itself. no supplementing.
Moody, Passive, Depressed: yes. yes. yes. plus the disinterest in sex, tho function is still there as masturbation is still possible.
Supplements: i haven't used any supplements since last year when my last attempt at getting into a routine failed. at the time it was only a dense protein supp and a liquid multivitamin with a high antioxidant.

I'm not taking any RX's or OTC's, i've never been on any long term RX therapy, and i'm realizing how painfully ignorant of all this i really am and hope i'm not throwing myself out there for ridicule. lol

I'm afraid lab work and subsequent injection/patch/etc treatment might be cost prohibitive for me at this time. my previous career tanked in the market drop last year. i considered that my symptoms may be just some good old fashioned depression as a result of last years decline, but that the symptoms predate it.

Thank you all for the prompt responses and attention to my "case".


thank you, but i can't afford a local quack let alone a Scottsdale MD. they tend to be accustomed to a higher tax bracket clientele. lol since the fall, this boy is financially "embarrassed" hehe


Check your waking body temp, record and come back with numbers. That is affordable.

Worried about lack of iodine. Most food has little iodine, except for sea food.


thought that myself after reading your many other posts. going to supplement for 6 weeks and record results. just got back on, will record my temp through Tuesday and get back to you.


i had a cold over the weekend, so i didn't test my temp as i imagine it would be fluctuating anyway. when i'm clear of it, i'll get you those temps. i want to thank you all again for taking the time to discuss all of this with me and offer your experience.


Buy a 100$ neurotransmitter test to look at dopamine, serotonin, gaba, then go to privatemdlabs.com and get their anti aging test which includes GH and test and estrogen. Then you can take this to any doctor and get whatever the fuck you want provided you actually have a problem. Otherwise good luck getting any decent service from any doctor as 99% are incompetent like you stated, even some of the so called "TRT" docs.


Just because your body temp is low doesn't mean your thyroid is off. Body temp is low from just about any imbalance in the body. lol You can take your temp all day but it doesn't mean anything (no offense ksman)


no offese cjackson, but you are incorrect.

thyroid and cortisol are major players in regulating body metabolism.

body metabolism is a major contributor in determining your body temperature.

measuring body temperature at 9am, noon, and 3pm can give you great insight into your Thyroid and cortisol levels which can then be confirmed on blood tests.


i tend to agree. since i've started posting here, i've done allot more research based on some of the directions suggested by the members. while i admit ignorance on much of the topic, i'm by no means ignorant in general. i've gotten over my cold quickly. i think it would be prudent to wait a week before monitoring my temps just to make sure it's as accurate as possible.

i've looked around my house and realized, the only non trendy (sea) salt in my house is actually iodine-free. i hadn't realized this. the fact that my once or twice a year sushi night is all of my seafood intake. i think we might be onto something with the iodine deficiency. after i test my body temp, i'm going to supplement iodine and test after 5 wks to see if there is a notable change other than how i may "feel". sound like a plan?


do you have insurance? If yes, why not go talk to your doctor (or find a doctor) and ask for blood tests based on your specific symptoms?

there is a sticky with recommended tests.

if you have hashimotos then Iodine could cause problems (I think). It is best to find out what is wrong with you, then start treatment otherwise you are just shooting blindly around hoping for a random hit.