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District 9 versus Real Movies


No comparison...

There's more quality in that little clip than in all of 9.


Cool story bro.


...and yet I'd rather go spend another $10 to rewatch District 9 than waste another 6 minutes agonizing through that boring clip again. I mean, wtf, it didn't even have a mech suit.


Here's another...

"How do you know that God didn't speak to Charles Darwin?"
--- Spencer Tracy


then you missed all of the subtle undertones from district 9 and didnt get it. good job.


Now this one I definitely wouldn't mind checking out.


We get it. You're old and you like shitty black and white movies. Hurry and die, old guy.


You need to do something with that ginger bitch....making my skin crawl...ewwww!!!


Like you wouldn't hit it? I would. Like she were a red headed step child.


I'd make her wear blackface if I did.


lol! And with one post, this thread takes a turn for the better.


'Blackface'? Isn't that the makeup/facepaint stuff Michael Jackson used to wear, and is now all over your underwear? Wash that stuff out, man! Nostalgia is one thing but jeez...


No, I got those. It was just dumb. But I suppose if you hate Ibsen or even Billy Wilder, get the masses to love trash.

Best Years of Our Lives won numerous Oscars, btw. This 9 thing might win some BS award for social statements. Wow!




An old troll is a still an old troll.


Movie of the Century. Loved by all people. Even old trolls.


I love Danni Lynn.


How were they subtle? It's not likely that he missed the blatant anti-apartheid, anti-corporation crap that District 9 preached. He probably just realized how stupid it was, and is frustrated with all the retards that think it is the greatest movie of all time because of a bit of CG and laser guns.


OP is right, District 9 is a fake movie because the critics and audiences liked it, but he did not.

What an astute observation.


Can't any of you appreciate a mildly original story?

Besides, I'd like to hear what standards all of you are judging movies by. It's great to stand around and lament about how bad today's movies are compared to whatever your favorite movies are, but it's all just chest pounding unless you can explain what sort of standards you are using.