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FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just did my pre bed injection of ghrp6 and I noticed that a small lump had formed where I injected. The area immediately started itching and I didn't think anything of it. I walked to the restroom to brush my teeth and noticed in the mirror that the area that was injected was red and started itching. After the redness was there I noticed my skin had formed some sort of weird rash. I started to get hot and I'm thinking this is an allergic reaction.

I took some benadryl and am drinking water. I really don't know what else to do. I feel ok, just slightly hot and have that dizzy/light headed hypo feeling. If this doesn't get better I will probably go to the hospital.

The only things I can think of regaurding an allergic reaction or fast infection of some sorts would be from me back filling the syringes?

Unless the ghrp6 is tainted...idk...

This has me worried...if you don't see any more posts from me after this...well...I'm outta here! lol

I guess this is a reminder to not take this stuff lightly!



Whatever it is,Please keep all of us posted.

Is this your first batch or the stuff you got or planned on getting from the place we were all talking about recently?

I hope all goes well,keep up on your antihistimines incase it is an allergy.
And if its not do not be afraid to go to the doc,but dont panic keep your head about you so you can react accordingly.

Little tip. your in the US so benedryl is Diphenhydramine,which is also Unisom,and is in Tylenol PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diphenhydramine Wiki for reference.

What I used to do with bad allergic reactions I would take unisom. its a high dose of Benedryl is all yes it will also knock you out.


Crap, that aint good. This is your second shot of this batch, right? How's the first one holding up? Any probs at all? If not, I would think the peptide is maybe okay.

Hopefully you're just reacting to something that got in during the backfill and be gone soon. You're pinning this subQ?


I'm doing fine, but kind of afraid of falling asleep to awake in the middle of the night with problems...or not wake at all. lol

I am injecting sub q. The first shot went fine but I did notice that it balled up moreso than the first brand.

This is the second brand, that we are all talking about.

Thanks for responding guys, I've been hoping to get a hold of somebody.

Nich, what dose is unisom?



the reaction looked something like this and the redness has gone down...but the lump is still there.

I found this online...


Hmmm. Is the first shot better now or is it still balled up? And you're going deep enough I would assume. I think I read that you can shoot between the fat and skin and it would leave a lump. Hopefully it's just something like that, but IDK. Keep an eye on it for sure.


my generic store brand "Members Mark Sleep Aid" I think from cosco is Diphenhydramine HCL 50 mgs per softgell

IIRC most brands are mainly 50mgs if not all of them.
100-150 mgs should knock you out


The first one went perfectly fine. The first brand left hardly anything after the injection. The first shot of the second brand left a tiny lump that dissipated right away.

Now I have a lump where I injected, plus the reaction.

The part that worries me is that I feel somewhat hot, but don't appear to have a fever...

Nich: i'm tired and can go to sleep right now, that isn't the problem...how will taking that much stuff and knocking my ass out help with the problem at hand. lol

Thanks guys, it's nice to talk to somebody...even if it is a faceless person over the internet. lol


If your feeling hypo I wouldn't sleep. Was it already there from your previous injection? Im under the impression that a reaction to infection isn't instant. Id sit tight as the redness and the itching, I presume has gone down. Fuck man, I feel for you. Keep us posted. If shit gets worse get your ass to a hospital Gerd. Either injection procedure infection or tainted goods, thats what I'm thinking.


Whats up GB? They slight hypo feeling is from the ghrp6...thats one of the sides I get regaurdless. I ate some and now that went away.

The redness has gone away, but the lump is still there. It is slightly tender to poke at. Probably shouldn't be poking. lol

The weird thing is I feel hot...it feels like an allergy. I don't feel that bad tho. I am more or less afraid of going to bed and not getting up. I know that is probably unlikely, but then again, crazier things have happened.



lol the point is not to help you sleep.
in hospitals when you have an allergic reaction they give you a high dose of benedryl usually IV. but sometimes they gave it to me oraly as well.I am allergic to everything and its how I handle reactions.

instead of taking 2-4 benedryls if you have a tylonel PM or sleep aid with the same active ingrediant laying around you can take one of them and its the same thing.
and if 3 of them knock you out then 1 would make you drowsy but it will give you the antihistimine properities you are looking for.

also tlyenol PM will give you the antihistimine and also tylenol to break a fever or that "heat" you are feeling,and any sorness you may have.

Just giving you a couple more options of doing the same damn things really.

AND YES stop Poking at it.

hmmm,Ths moves?
STOP IT. :wink: youll be alright just relax a bit watch some tv or something.


Nich: oh alrite now I understand. Well the 2 benadrylls I took are knocking me out...I want to go to bed and I feel drowsy...I'm just waiting to see if it gets better...


Yea, I agree not to go to sleep right away. I don't know what to think. Part of me wants to blame the peptide due to it's cost. But if it's dirty, you would have had the rash and all this from the first inject. And like GB said, a reaction to infection isn't normally this fast.


Thats what I thought.

From reading around maybe I did something to my lymph system as prisoner stated in his sticky.

I've also concluded that maybe I shot too close to the navel. (don't know how this would cause it but I know your not supposed to go to close)

I know infections don't set in this fast, but that's usually determined from an IM injection I think. The fact that its subq may make things a bit different.

The weirdest part of all of this was the ball and immediate itching. I mean I didn't even throw the needle away by the time I started scratching...



have you tired Icing the spot,or maybe even heat anything other than just taking pills?

it may have been you put it in the wrong spot.

I have had my second or 3rd IM inject of my last cycle started itching like that but just that once.
Scared me too but it went away.


I'm starting to think that. Most of the symptoms have subsided. There is a slight pain and swelling in the area but nothing to fuss over. Not like the beginning.

I didn't ice right away because sometimes that slows down the body's immune response. If I did introduce some funky bacteria into my body I want a fast immune response.

I also bumped my dose today...I don't think that will have anything to do with it. I am only shooting 25mcg (up to 125mcg) more per shot and I have gone up to 200mcg in one shot before with no probs.

I'm feeling more comfortable with it as the reaction has 'seemed' to subsided or at least stopped spreading.

The initial itchy, redness, and discoloration of the bumps on the skin is what worried me.



If you shoot near the navel you have to go something like 1 inch in diameter out. I didn't know this when I was shooting loads of B12 in that area. It hurt a bit more but nothing ever happened from shooting that close to my button. So that's probably not it.

You're right about the infections being for IM shots. I'll have to research more about subQ complications since we hardly hear about them here.


Well I think I will pop some more benadryll just to sleep well. lol and hopefully it will help some more.

I feel comfortable enough to go to sleep...

If I don't post by 10-11 at the latest tomorrow it means I didn't make it. So don't mourn me and GOD SPEED! :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk

what else can you do in this situation...way I see it is 3 options, freak out, laugh with it, see a doc.

Thanks for all the help guys. hopefully this will be a learning experience.

If anybody has anything to add or finds any info I'd really appreciat it.

Now what to do with the reconstituted vial and the preloaded pins?



Of course you have to try again and see if the same thing happens.

You know the defination of insanity right?
Doing the same thing oevr and over expecting a different result?

no it may have been a fluke shot though. I would not worry too much really,just be careful.


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