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I almost feel bad asking diet, nutrition or training questions at a time like
this. But I guess getting back to normal is a must. I doi hope though that
no one will truly get back to normal and that these events will inspire us
to reach our goals today instead of waiting for tomorow. Anyway, that’s
my blurb. Onto my question. When dieting are there any tricks you
guys/gals may use to distract your self from eating. It’s easy enough at
work but I guess I’ve always been the type to eat while watching T.V or
because of boredom. So what does everone do to control apetite? Any
supplements that help as well. I know the prescription fastin works great
but where to get that would be an issue. Thanks.

No reason to feel bad about asking a diet question in a bodybuilding/fitness forum. That’s what it’s here for. Yes, it’s been hard to concentrate on training and diet the last few days, and that’s understandable. But if we change our lives and give up the things we love (bodybuilding for example) then in many ways, the terrorists have won. As in all other things, BBing teaching us to overcome. This is no exception. We learn from it, we grow from it, we take care of business, we help out if we can. We overcome.

As for your question, who said dieting is about not eating? You know what I do if I get hungry? Eat! But I eat the right foods in the right quantities. No reason to trick yourself. As for supps, the new MD6 has an ingredient that kills your cravings, especially cravings for carbs and sweets. Try it if you haven’t already. Another option is to have a protein/fat meal. This tends to be very filling and since the carbs are kept low you don’t have to worry about any sudden blood sugar changes (which lead to cravings.) Hope this helps.

davep - i know EXACTLY what you are talking about. when i am kept busy i can get through the strictest dieat, but when i have time on my hands (usually in the evening when my wife is at her mother’s) i relax, watch tv and find it difficult to keep my thoughts from drifting towards food. during the day while at work even the smallest meal will keep my stomach satisfied until the next feeding, but in the evening it doesn’t matter what i eat thirty minutes afterwards my stomach starts nagging me for more. essentially it is all in our heads and can be controlled with enough willpower. i have tremendous willpower, but still find it a bitch sometimes. so here is what i do: find something to keep me busy like ride my stationary bike, get on-line and research workout/nutrition topics, sift through the t-mag forum, chores around the house etc. in terms of food i make sure that my evening carbs are from raw veggies like carrots and celery. i will eat my protein portion first (200 hundred calories worth usually at 7:00) once i start feeling hungry again i eat my raw veggies (a couple hundred calories worth usually at 8:00) 200 calories of baby carrots is 380 grams and can be stretched out over a period of an hour if you eat them slow enough like while watching tv or surfing the web. 30 minutes later i fire up a bag of lowfat popcorn (220 calories per bag usually at 9:00). again i will drag this out over the course of an hour. then at 10:00 just before bed i will have my nightly protein meal. so basically i am eating all evening long, but they are higher volume/lower calorie foods that can be eaten slowly enough to occupy my time. supplementaly you can use 5htp to help suppress carb cravings. it is relatively cheap so it is worth giving it a try. hope this helps. kevo

i have found having a large (pint) glass of water before eating anything helps a lot. i eat everything in sight, especially when i’m bored. i have found that keeping a glass of water nearby when i’m watching tv or on the computer (where i practically live!) keeps the urge to snack away. for me the ‘must snack’ craving is just a bad habit, i have to be busy all the time, even when relaxing. so if i can continutally drink something it works the same as continually eating something. of course, i also have to keep getting up to pee grin

Thanks Chris. I will be trying MD6 but I’m off from ephedrine for a bit right now. Does T2 have a similar effect?

Also could people post more recipies. There has been some good stuff lately. Maybe some quick p+f meals would be good.