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Distracting Powerful Images?


Not a complaint (because I can just click it off!)...just an observation:

Do you guys find some "Powerful Images" more distracting than others?

This weeks made me laugh! Everytime I would try to write or read a thread, my eyes would WONDER to the left...and I'd lose my train of thought and have to start all over again!

(Oh, the things that Testosterone does to us!)




I'm not distracted, my mind is completely on banging that like there is no tomorrow...


Distraction? If I could have a distraction like that no matter where I was or what I was doing, I'd die happy.


I dont know what would happen, but it wouldn't last very long. The things i would do to her are probably illegal in most parts of the world.


Since no ones asked it I will.

Who is she, a random interent model or someone with a name?

And I felt that the poweful image before her was way more distracting and attention grabbing.

Had to be the tatoo.


Heh heh heh... Truth be told, if it's female, it's distracting. Even if it isn't, it's still often distracting.

I really like the Powerful Images feature; it's one of those things that makes T-Nation T-Nation.

Although, for unexplainable reasons, I don't find this one as distracting as others have been. In general, I seem to find those pictures of the lean, athletic chicks cause my eyes to wander and linger the most.

(Perhaps that is because I live in Regina; if memory serves me correct, it is the second fattest city in Canada)

(Aside: I almost lost my mind in Victoria this summer. Nice scenery there.)

(Okay, end hijack).


(Bear in mind, that is no way, shape, or form a criticism of the girl in the pic. I agree with those posts above about her.)


"Heidi, Heidi, deine Welt sind die Be- er- ge!... "

Nobody is going to understand that...

I think that?s hilarious...

I?m weird that way...


So what, that makes it the 138th fattest city in North America?


Yes, Geißenpeter and Alpöhi are two lucky bastards.


Yup. I've noticed that I keep bumping my head off of the monitor like a moth off of a lightbulb.


After I see the distracting images, I usually find ways to distract the wife! ROWR!