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Distracted by an Explosion in the Gym


Just something that happened to me today...

I've been working out in my former high school's gym recently, cos its free and the facilities are pretty good. Anyway, there is always a guy hired to sit at a desk there to "keep an eye one things", but the person hired for this position changes frequently. No idea why. This week, there's this new guy, who's young and geeky-looking, and Totally Retarded. Anyway, here's what happened:

After warming up, I started my workout with some cleans. I was doing heavy singles, and not long after I started, I realised this guy had stopped going around giving people "advice" and come to sit on a flat bench directly in front of me to stare at me. I tried to ignore him, since I've heard some of his "advice" to other gym users before, and they're... lol.

Anyway I'd pretty much put him out of my mind by the time I worked up to near my max, when suddenly I heard this loud EXPLOSION as I was attempting a near-max lift. It totally shocked me, which resulted in the bar sliding off my clavicles at the bottom of the catch position and crushing my wrists into severe hyperextension. I somehow got the bar off me and looked around in suprise. Guess what? That stupid caretaker was playing with his PSP, and the sound had come from whatever game he was playing -_-"

He must have heard the loud crack that came from my wrists when the bar crushed them, cos he looked up, and went "oooh" and grinned in a fake-sympathetic manner at me. Wtf. Then he started givine me some advice about cleans, like "that looks pretty heavy; maybe you should learn how to clean with just the bar first before adding more weight" and "do you need me to teach you how to breathe?". For about 10 full minutes, I politely declined his offers of instruction and agreed with everything he said (cos I don't want him to kick me out of the free gym - yes he has the authority to do so), while suffering with throbbing wrists and bruised forearms.

After 10 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and just rushed off to find some ice and my wrist guards. Now my wrists feel totally screwed. And I keep hearing that guy's stupid comments. Argh.


next time, "miss time" the clean and throw the bar at him.


Talk to someone in authority, people should not screw around in the gym like that. If you're hired to watch, watch, not play video games.


Yea that's what I thought too. I've actually spoken with some estate manager (or whatever it's called in the school) before, but was told that since they have no expertise in lifting either, they just hire someone to open and lock and doors and make sure the users keep the weights after using.

The other option of throwing the bar at him sounds quite attractive though. I can convert the Clean&Jerk into the Clean&Throw. Lol.


Boy am I fucking glad there aren't retards like this anywhere near my gym.. not yet anyway, jesus I am probably begging for one to show up and ruin my shit.

What with this and the "getting kicked to the balls while squatting" thread in my mind, I am totally ready to kill anyone who even attempts such crap near me.