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Distilled Water

OK, I drink water like my life depends on it. Well, actually, it does, but anyhoo. I drink anywhere from 1-2 gallons per day. I drink distilled for the most part, because the water in Athens, OH sucks me sideways. I have always heard the stuff about distilled water being bad and what not, but I have also read things about it being the only logical source. What do you guys think? Is distilled water bad or good. I would greatly appreciate any studies or sites w/ studies and information, cuz I want to put this to rest in my mind once and for all. Thanks.

Charles Staley has a few articles on distilled water on his website. He swears by the stuff.

Check out this article at Mercola.com:

www.mercola.com/2002/ may/8/distilled_water.htm

Do a search there for a number of different articles on the subject. Hope it helps.


Find a copy of “Optimum Sports Nutrition” by DR Micheal Colgan. He has a whole chapter on water. or try typing water and cogan in to a search engine

I drink distilled whenever possible too cuz I think it’s the best tasting and purest form of water - why would you want all that crap in it? I began drinking distilled after reading “Fit for LIfe” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond many moons ago. Can’t remember if there were any real studies behind it, but I believed in what they said about it. The book is way old and advocates a vegan/veggie diet, but don’t be discouraged cuz it’s got a lot of other good info in it.

Oh, yeah… Colgan. I have 'Optimum Sports Nutrition." That is prolly what turned me on to distilled in the first place. I will check out Staley’s site, too. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.