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Distilled Water, Yellow Urine?

I noticed that my urine is yellower and more ‘bubbly’ than usual when I switch from tap water to distilled water.

Osmosis at work … but what specific ‘leached’ nutrient, mineral, or compound could be involved?

Thanks in advance!

probably all of them, yellow usually indicates nitrogenous compounds, not necessarily urea since that’s colorless. Maybe uric acid.

I dont think you should be drinking DiH2O at all man, it’s really not good for you.

doesnt distilled water drain all nutrients from your body lol?

The yellow tint comes from the decomposed phorphyrine compounds such as bilirubin and biliverdin.

You won’t see colourless chemical compounds such as salts, aminoacids, proteins e.t.c. in your urine.


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