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Distented Lower Abs?

Someone posted this a few days but no solution was reached. I’ve been doing heavy breathing squats and now it seems like my lower 2 abs stick out farther than the rest. Is there something I can do to correct this?

yes, learn to vacuum, and hold the vacuum when you squat, deadlift, or pretty much any exercise that doesn’t have you laying down. Even then, it will help to vacuum if you’re going heavy. Unless you want to end up looking like Louie himself does with a huge abdominal region. Great for powerlifters, not so good for bodybuilders or people that want to be aesthetic.

Can someone direct me to instructions on what a vacuum is or is it just sucking in?

Thanks doug, I’ll give that a try. Yes, Jude a vacuum is pretty much just sucking in, as far as you can go. Like your trying to show someone your spine from the front.

my personal experience is that I get a distended lower abdomen when I’m eating lots of dairy products. If I cut them out for a couple of weeks, it disappears completely. Don’t know if this has any bearing on your situation or not, but I hope it helps.