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Distended Bellies Suck!

Clicked on that video of Ruhl in the “So you thought Ronnie was big” thread.

The dude is hyoooge!

I know extreme hard work and dedication to improving yourself are absolutely neccessary in that world. And I know strict attention to dietary habits are crucial. I admire all the professional bodybuilders for their devotion and passion to the complete discipline required to succeed.

BUT, even though I know Ruhl was just goofing off when he jammed out his gut when posing for the one pic, it made me think of what the most obvious, glaring problem, at least visually is.

The big, fat, disgusting distended guts that just scream, “My internal organs are so blown up by these ungodly amounts of drugs I’m on, that I’m ready to explode!!!”

That ain’t nothin’ I’d ever want to look like.

Watch “Pumping Iron”, and yeah, those guys obvious had some “help” preparing for contests, but there were no “basketballs” sewn under their skin…

It’s not “drugs” that’s making them big. It’s GH.

i think it might be the “crab people” attempting to leave the body.

Oh, and that extra “c” in “necessary” was do to my son bumping me while I was typing that post out…


I totally agree… I think it’s a hideous look. Now the bodybuilders belly protrudes more than their chest.

I think I heard that the GH makes your internal organs carry on growing… Is this right…??


[quote]Oh, and that extra “c” in “necessary” was do to my son bumping me while I was typing that post out…

Then what was the “do” due to? :slight_smile:

yeah, yeah, the dedication it takes and blah, blah. but it’s come to the point where he looked closer to ideal in the before pic in that clip then what he looks like now. i see it is more of a challenge to keep symetrical and not overly bulky then to just get freakishly hugh like these guys in the pros today. i’d like to see a shift towards this, but i doubt it would ever happen (unless some drop on stage at one time) because the gorilla look brings in the cash.

Me being a freaking retard.

I’m about to turn in my badge.

Crab people, Crab people
Look like crab
talk like people
Crab people, Crab people

i have a huge gut. even when i was very lean it stuck out. the answer may not be as easy as GH.

goldberg was born with an extra large colon. Either that or he’s just really full of shit.



Josher deals a fatal blow to the thread.

Thanks, dude.

time to put this thread out of it’s misery…feel free not to post and let’s let this one slip away…

They took my post off, wtf?

And here I was thinking that it was actually somewhat comical. I guess I have a twisted sense of humor.

Thank you mods. I almost lost my lunch on Josher’s post yesterday.

In faith,

oh, and morg, that pic is going to have me laughing for two weeks.

Where did you find the pic of that kid?

can’t stop laughing
In faith,

samiam, just check out the bottom right corner of the pic for where he got it from.

or forumspam.tk if you can’t read it (dyslexic bastard).