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Distended Abdomen Help

My issue is I have a distended abdomen from my time of little exercise, very poor diet, and lots of beer. I started training about 4 years ago. I’m in ok shape now but my abs are still distended and no signs of getting better. I want to reshape my abs and flatten them out. I donâ??t have an issue with diet or time to exercise. But, my abdominal training has not yielded any results and I still have a “beer belly”. Any suggestions on training moves that will help?

you should post a picture… could be that you just are still fat?

I’m not claiming to Mr. Lean here and I know where you coming from on that.

I’m 5’7" went from 195lbs at 30% BMI with a 265lbs bench, to 185lbs at 20% BMI with a 315lbs bench, now to 205lbs at 16% BMI with a 390lbs bench. I went from a 36" waist, to 32" waist, to a 33" waist. This was done over about 2 to 2 1/2 years. But, I still have the distended abdominal muscles. Even at 185lbs I had it.

When I flex my abs are ridged and they don’t look bad outside of a little pug just below my belt line (I know, I know I’m working on it). It when I relax my abdominal muscles are still ridged but push out and give me a pot belly look. It’s like I have a permanent Deca belly when I relax.

I will be starting a cut cycle in a few weeks and have started my diet for it 3 weeks ago. I would really hate to do the cut cycle and still have a distended abdomen.

Me at 214lbs while bulking 12/2010

From the picture it looks like you just aren’t lean enough.

Posture, food in your stomach, leanness…

From the picture, as nick said, leanness seams to be a definite issue.

You don’t look fat or anything, but there’s enough blubber to cover your abs…

If you relax and your abs give you a pot-belly look… Fix your posture (pelvic tilt etc, there are articles about this on the main site) and maybe do some work for the transverse abd.

what CC said pretty much sums it up. your abdomen doesnt look distended in that picture you posted. you just need to lean up a little bit more and possibly fix your posture.