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Distant Relatives


For all the Hip hop and reggae fans out there you need to listen to this album.
Nas and Damian marley really came thru on this one.
Awesome from top to bottom, Damian rips every track.


enuff work from me check the shit out yourselves


Well, since I thought this thread was really about distant relatives...I'm distantly related to Keifer and Donald Sutherland.

It's something like my great uncle's (my grand daddy's brother) son got married to Donald Sutherland's sister or something. My dad told me about it once.


Meh that doesn't count since it was through marriage, you don't have any Keifer DNA in you (or is that another story?)...

Anyway I gave the album the quick once-over and thought it was solid but not the best work from either one of them. I'm listening to it again though.


My cousin's friend's brother's sister-in-law's father's mistress' ex-fiance's uncle's dog once took a poop on Donald Sutherland's lawn... Jus sayin'...


I've got one Damien Marley album and every Nas album [as well as a lot of unreleased stuff and that mixtape he did with Green Lantern] and I have to say that The Damien/Nas combo wasn't as good as the sum of their parts.

It was a pretty solid album though, some decent songs.


well, i know people are fans of either artist expect something specific from each one but you have to remember that this is a collaboration album and that the artists needed to blend their styles together so that it would sound good. in this day and age of lil wayne and soulja boy this album is a Classic. just smoke sum weed and think of all the positive shit they are saying. remember this album is meant to also give hope to the people of africa. keep that in mind when listening.