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Distance to Sprint Speed + Muscle

I am a 5’9" 162 lb sophomore in college. I am going to be trying out for the UPENN lightweight football team. I need to add about 10 lbs of muscle in about 3 months. But I also ran XC for 4 years throughout high school. I need to turn some of that distance speed into more sprint speed, but I don’t necessarily want to use supplements. Any Suggestions?

Sprint a lot. Lift a lot. and Eat a lot. It should take care of itself without the need for supplements. 10lbs is pretty easy especially if you were a XC runner, you should make some good gains in the beginning.

Just work on your speed and strength, don’t run long distance as it seems your already in good aerobic shape, so concentrate on getting stronger and faster. Look through the articles on this site for specifics. Theres plenty to be found.

Isn’t the max for that team 170? I wouldn’t want to get too close to the edge as it won’t leave much room for weight fluctuation during the year. It’s up to you how close you want to get. Make sure you have a solid squat and deadlift. If you can already squat 320-340 lbs (2x your bodyweight) start adding in plyometric excercises such as depth jumps, jump squats, or power cleans.

Most Cross country people great endurance, but weaker leg strength. I’m assuming this is the case with you.

You will probably benefit most from stengthening your legs in the weight room. Doubt you even need to sprint that much considering you have a running base. Lots of squatting for power and strength, and you should do well.