Distance runs or swimming?

I was thinking about going on a run (about 3-5 miles) once a week but I’m not sure if this will hurt me I know distance runners basically break down muscle and that’s one reason they are so skinny. So I was wondering if anybody has any advice or experience with this. Also the same thing for swimming.

Chug surge after aerobic training to maintain LBM.

Eat right and you will be fine. Why are you doing this? You may have some good reasons, but there might be a better solution also. Just curious.

Depending on your age you should be fine. Just watch your calorie intake and just have to cut back a little on your weight training for your lower body and lower back. Example: instead of 3 sets of 6-8 reps reduce it to 2 sets or 6-8 reps.
Best of Luck.

Sorry. Left out the experience part. At my highest level of fitness my program looked something like this: Weights four days a week, Unit runs 3 days a week (about 4 miles and 9 minutes miles), personal runs (interval training once a week, hill running once a week, Long Slow Distance (LSD) 10 miles once a week with ruck sack (Note: personal runs were finished off with a one mile swim and 25 pull-ups), Para course (twice a week) and obstacle course (once a week). I weighed 185 and carried 8% bodyfat at 5’10". Could Bench Press 385 for three reps, curl my body weight for reps, Dips with 180 attached 10, Squated 455 for ten reps. I was training for for the Delta selection, unfortuately my eyesight was to weak (yeah, I did eye exercise too). And this was with my program being regularly interrupted by three to six week field exercise and regular deployments.
Best of Luck

I want to do this to get some endurance for football this year we don’t do a lot of endurance work and I play pretty much every play the whole game so I need to make sure I can last.

Come up with a plan based on what you do during a game. What energy system do you use?
Then follow the dirt formula (D=distance, I=intensive, R=rest and T=times).
100 yds in 15 seconds with 1 min rest 10 times.
As you can set you can increase or decrease any of the variables here. There are several papers showing that middle distance and long distance running is not very effective for football players. If you can find a copy of Fox and Mathews book Internval Training that should help.
Best of Luck.

I’m going to have to agree with Older Lifter. Distance running is not going to do you much good. Football is all about short maximal efforts intermixed with a good amount of rest. Train that way. Do intervals, fartleks, circuits, etc. High intensity stuff mixed with short, med, and long rest periods or active rest periods.

Whoa! Holy Hell Batman, that Older Lifter is a monster…

Thanks. That was back in my early thirties. I started lifting when I was ten and kept at. And I had good genes. Never really got huge though. But if you think, I was good, just check of the guys on Combat Missions TV show on the USA. My level of fitness was just a little above standard. Also watch the current corp in the Ranger Challenge.
Best of Luck.