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Distance running

Hi everybody. Come December, I’m going to be training with a triathalon group. The particular workouts I’ll be attending consist of 10 sets of 800 metre slow sprints, with a 5 minute break in between sets. Now, I’ve heard that long distance running can be catabolic. Does this workout constitute long distance or because it’s broken up is it short distance? But the real question is, for all you runners out there, is there some way that I can minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss? When should I be eating? I’ll be sprinting right before, so I’ll have a protein/carb shake beforehand. But should I eat something midway through? Obviously, I’ll be eating right after. Anyways, thanks for the help.

The carb+protein drink before hand should suffice. If you need more for psychological reasons then I would eat a small piece of fruit through or a waterdown gatorade. But not too much, or else too much blood to metabolize instead of to run. Your workout is not catabolic as long as you eat right pre-post workout, just like everything else. Loosing muscle is very hard to do, so I would not get to stressed over it. Try using tribex and M while doing this, I can see you getting great results using those two products.

I think an Ian King quote would be appropiate here, but I can’t come up with one on the bat right now, so you’ll have to make due with my banter. First, what are your goals? If your goals are to build muscle, there are much more effective ways to deter yourself than doing this workout. Finally, if you are the red-fiber type and are intent on doing these workouts anyway (and I assume you are since you call 800M a sprint!) go to a site that can help you with training/diet info: slowtwitch.com…etc.

800 meter is considered middle distance. Look i don’t know in what condition you are in now but if you have excess muscle you will lose it doing this training. if you don’t you might gain some, but at that point you’d be pretty skinny. I think it’s something that you have to accept since you choose to train like that for a specific event. Triatheletes are endurance atheletes, therefore they have certain bodies which make them perfrom at the maximum level. laters pk

I already do training for 200-600m with a track team 3 days a week (4 days as of next week). I also train for rugby 2 days a week plus a game. Rugby ends this week for two months, which is why I am going to start training with these guys. I want to get even fitter for when the season resumes. I also lift 3 days a week. I am 220 at maybe 14% bf (give or take a few). However, I’m much fitter than I look. I’d like to stay at 220 for now, but bring my body fat levels down. I’m hoping to accomplish this while doing all that running. Thanks.

Anyone? Bump? Thanks.

what i suggest is you train like a sprinter, not a middle distance runner. Do High intensity interval training to boost your power and fitness levels. It will get you in shape and help you drop fat. that’s what i would do. there is no use in training like an endurance athelete if that is not what you will be competing in. Even in Rugby amd soccer you get to rest a little unlike a non stop race like triatheletes. laters pk