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Distance Running and TRT

Hello, I’m 46 yo, I’ve been on TRT for about 12 weeks now and feel good. I began treatment because I had low libido, no morning wood, no interest in sex, low energy, increase in ab fat, low motivation … lots of typical signs. My T was at about 400 ng/dl, free T around 7, SHBG of 55 nmol/L. Currently 985 ng/dl, FT 14.

I believe my 20 years of distance running contributed to my symptoms. I love running, but haven’t done much since beginning treatment (currently lifting weights mostly with less running).

My question is, I’ve been a little hesitant to begin serious endurance training again because I don’t want the potential negative impact on T. Is this a rational fear? OR with my being on TRT, do I not need to worry about distance running lowering my T since I’m getting regular injections, and that would keep my T at more optimal levels?

In general, do I no longer need to worry about the impact lots of endurance training would have on my T now that I am on TRT? I would really love to hit it hard again and start training for Ironman Tris, Ultra races, marathons, etc.


You are in for a treat. TRT has given me an almost endless gas tank.

Enjoy your 20 mile runs.

The only thing you might have to look into is maybe RBC? because you are constantly doing high intensity, maybe it will have an effect? Wont lower your test though.

You can’t hurt your testosterone while on TRT, but running cause screw up your thyroid, runners have the worst thyroids on the planet.

You weren’t put on this earth to run long, long distances to the point of exhaustion. We are hunter gatherers who is supposed to conserve energy for the hunt and to sprint short distances to escape danger.

Think about all the athletes in T who killed it. Lance Ballstrong … I mean Armstrong

If anything you could increase by a little if it does somehow lower the benefits

Thanks for the feedback. What are you referring to with RBC?

Systemlord, thanks for the thyroid response. I do get my thyroid numbers checked regularly and I never had any issues there that I know of. Obviously over training is still an issue that I need to be careful to avoid. And I think adrenal function is another thing to be aware of. Rest, recovery, sleep, diet all need to be dialed in based on the amount of training and intensity.

I guess my main concern is T impact at the moment, which is why I’m undergoing treatment in the first place. Just want to make sure I’m not doing anything that would adversely affect my treatment for that.

You’ll have plenty of T and it helps oxidize your blood which helps you perform better. It also helps with recovery. Don’t worry about t levels after you start. It’s a non issue.

RBC is red blood cell font. Look up trt RBC and athletes along with hematocrit.

With trt you are going to recover quick. Instead of 3 days of soar muscles maybe 1 or so.

With cycling I’ve already noticed I’m not soar for days after a hard ride.

TRT can increase blood volume. I would think someone who pushes the limit with cardio-vascular would probably cause an increase in HCT/RBC. I could be wrong though.