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Distal Rupture Prevention (Been There Done That)

I started my 2020 off with a distal rupture. Then with everything going on I took a yr off. Now I’m back on track, but my repaired arm is a beast while my other cant seem to keep up. I keep getting what I think is tendinitis & its just tender in general a lot. Really worrying me as I don’t want to go through that set back again. I didn’t really get a lot of rehab help with quarantine measures just the very beginning.

How did you adjust your workout? It’s like my natural tendon is just weaker now.

I assume this is a biceps rupture we’re talking about?

What were you doing when yours ruptured? (I was playing 4-square.)

Oh yeah. Ripped it loose from my forearm. Hurt for months on my forearm & I just kept wrapping a band around it. I went to grab some plywood the roofers left out before a bad storm & when I turned it snapped.

My other arm is starting to get that same ache.

I remember that ‘forearm’ pain–thought I had a chronic brachioradialis strain.

The workout adjustment needed is very simple–give your biceps (tendons) lot of time off. This means modifying your split and/or exercise selections so that your biceps go several days (at least) without being worked, either directly or–this is key–indirectly.