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Distal Biceps Tendinitis

All- took two weeks off rows and curls and still feeling this. I’ve included some bicep stretching. Going to ortho and hopefully will get a cortisone shot this week.

I respond best to volume and have been include back/bis 3x week with usually 8-12 sets of curls each day.

If the shot helps, how much volume should I cut to prevent recurrence? And should it be going down to 2x week or keep 3 and cut sets or both?

I just went through the same thing. Suffered through it for 1 week and went for a shot. Two weeks have gone by and it’s about 95% at this point. I have been able to continue training but def watching form and not going heavy.
As far as volume hard for me to say. I hit each body part 2 times per week and haven’t taken any time off.
Good Luck!!!

At 8-12 sets of curls, you’re certainly doing a lot of volume. And lawd only knows how many biceps-irritating sets of back you’re doing. Further, you may be doing exercises on other days that stress the biceps tendon as well.

But before we get to all that, an observation: In addition to ‘high volume,’ at 3d/week you’re also high frequency. Tell me: Is it the case also that you lift heavy and/or go to failure frequently? Because if so, you hit the ‘overdoing it trifecta.’

I do keep the frequency up but rarely go very heavy. A lot of old injuries, for example I cannot bench/squat/dead. My chest work is primarily squeeze presses and leg work is primarily unilateral

Glad you’re healing up and thanks for the response

And do you go to failure and/or employ intensification techniques (forced reps, drop sets, etc)?

Any fly-type work?

Eyedentist- I do include include some intensification-negatives and isometrics primarily (knowing negatives are supposed to be good for connective tissue)

I stay away from flyes. Despite their shoulder friendly rep, all varieties seem to bother my shoulders, could be my condor wingspan which is wide for my height-who knows