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Distal Biceps Rupture - Peptides and PT

Full rupture of my distal bicep tendon during deadlifts and getting surgery in a few days.

I plan to run BPC-157, TB500, CJC/Ipamorelin alongside TRT to aid in recovery speed.

I wanted thoughts on my dosage protocol (90+ days):
BPC-157 250mcg twice a day near injury
TB-500 5mg (2.5mg twice a week) for 4 weeks followed by 2mg / week there after
CJC/Ipamorelin 200mcg 5 days a week before bed (anymore and my blood pressure gets jacked up).

I’m also curious if anyone has had any experience with rehab using these peptides. I expect with the 25+ peptide shots a week I’ll recover faster and the standard physical therapy protocol will be moving too slow. With that said, I don’t want to push PT too quick.

Thanks in advance looking to recover as quickly as I can so if peptide dosages need tweaks I’m open, and if anyone has thoughts on PT speed I’m open to that as well.

Had the same injury, same cause almost exactly 2 years ago. Have the details somewhere in old posts if you care to search through them, but never used peptides so cant comment on that. Was on TRT and took the basic stuff like glucosamine, but who knows what really helped. Slow and steady recovery is the best advice I can offer. Dont push it and continue to workout the rest of the body, lower body, opposite side upper body, cardio (recumbent bike is good option). Helped keep me in the right mindset. Best of luck.

Thanks for the reply. I did find the the “Wilks Protocol” based on the forum you mentioned.

Roscop12 - how long till you started resistance training at 1-2lbs?

Always knew my daily training log would come in handy one day. As a preface I do not recommend any of this for anyone else, its what worked for me based off of doctor feedback, feel, and healing progress which is very specific to each individual. Listen to your doctor, mine was awesome. Very aggressive yet safe rehab approach knowing I wanted to get at it ASAP. Looks like I started doing front and side raises with 5 lbs one month post surgery. Still used solid brace and did not do any curling motions, but that was the start. Then moved onto very lite chest flys a couple weeks later. 2 months out I was doing 2 hand cable rows, again all VERY lite, and started curling 5 lbs. 3 months out I was incline bar benching, overhead bar pressing. If anything every bothered me, I stopped immediately and backed off weight for next session.