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Distal Bicep Tendonitis/Tendinosis


Hi all,

Really hoping to get some possible tips on getting rid of this nagging tendonitis or in this case since its been about 6 months, probably tendinosis. Basically, I have this nagging pain right at the bottom of my bicep that only really bothers me with pull ups and mix grip deadlifts. I have had an MRI and a doctor look at it and they confirmed no tear, just tendonitis. So I said screw it and rested a few weeks, which somehow made this crap WORSE!

I can curl and do rows ect with no pain, but later in the day it will bug me to death.

Has anyone had this issue or something similar? I really would like to get through my workouts without this pain.


The reason rest might have made it worse is because you stopped getting blood to the area. The answer to your problem is probably one of two things: complete rest until it stops bothering you entirely (this could be 6 weeks to a year), or you can try eccentric training. Or you could ask your doctor for a cortisone shot and hope you respond well. Or shell out about a thousand dollars for a PRP injection which should virtually heal it completely in about a week.


If anyone cares, or comes across this with the same issue. Over the last week I have focused on doing extremely high rep curls with the EZ curl bar and hammer curls with dummbells. Rep range is around 30+ with literally just a 10lb plate on each side. People can laugh at me all they want, but it seems to be making my bicep tendon really feel much better. I also added in some very light eccentric curls at the end. Westside claims tendons heal and get stronger best with extremely high reps, so maybe they are correct. I tried the low rep thing and it did not work for me lol.


Try ART if you can afford it. Curcumin and lots of fish oil too.

I may give PRP a try if mine does not heal up with rest, I can do pushing so keep up with bench, incline bench, push press, standing overhead press, pushups etc.

Lots of folks use TB-500 and/or BPC-157 and claim good results too.


What is your issue? Distal Bicep? Mine felt 100x worse when I kept resting it. Like the above user said, less blood. I am also considering flossing a few times a week just to rush more blood to it. But like I said, since I started doing the extremely high rep curls, I havent felt any irritation to the tendon and I even deadlifted 405 for reps the other day. Normally after those sessions it bothers me, this time it didnt. So it must be working lol.


I am not sure what mine is, but there is sporadic pain or referral pain in the distal bicep tendon and bicep muscle, and back of forearm. About 3 weeks ago I did a light 12lb underhand (granny syle) med ball toss and from my wrist up the back of my forearm, and around to inside of my elbow and distal bicep tightened up big time in an instant.

It did not feel like a muscle pull, tear, or detachment more like instantaneous tendinitis. Past few weeks I just tested gripping DBs or grabbing the chinup bar, and can tell its no bueno. I did not rest totally, kept doing bench, incline DB, push press, overhead press, pushups all light just to keep movement going upper body. And I figure out ways to load my legs without being able to pull.

So I am not stopping exercise, but not doing anything I have to pull or loaded grip. Past few weeks once a week I have gotten ART on that arm. I went to an ortho just to be sure and X-rays show nothing, and his eval showed all ligaments and tendons intact around elbow and bicep. He wants me to take off 3 weeks and is hopeful it will slowly get better, if not MRI and discuss PRP. Said it could be tennis elbow with possible microtrauma to bicep and tendon and just needs rest. He bent my elbow in every which way and put tension on it from every angle with no pain, and I can flex the bicep without pain.

Its just random pain but I can tell if I were to load up any DL, cleans, snatches, chins, DB rows, it probably would not be wise and would aggravate it putting me right back where I was 3 weeks ago. I really do not have money for PRP right now so am hoping backing off gripping and pulling another 3 weeks calms this thing down.


I posted in another recent thread on here, yes inactivity makes stuff hurt! I had a serious medical nightmare that kept me from exercise for a few years, and it created all kinds of issues. I am a firm believer in continuing to exercise around injuries as well as keep moving the injured limb to tolerance.

I have personally witnessed athletes who are more aggressive in rehab (proper rehab with good sports med folks), get on board with deep tissue, yoga, who come back to full speed running and moderate squats after major knee surgeries for instance and back on playing field within a period traditional MDs and PTs would still have someone just resting.

That old school rest and do nothing is not always wise. Keep moving, and tissue work, plus proper nutrition and supplementation, paying attention to sleep, and other recovery protocols will heal things faster than inactivity.

This guy is goofy but its good info in laymens terms why stuff hurts more when we are totally inactive.