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Distal Bicep Tendon Tear Rehab Idea


Hey guys --
about 8 weeks ago I tore my right bicep tendon distally on the tuberocity. I had surgery two days after with the anchor screw method. I was removed from the cast two weeks ago, and I am doing my own rehab. I have full range of motion and am able to supinate almost fully.

I got into this discussion with a neighbor who is a spine surgeon who told me that if I went light, I could do exercises such as bent over rows, cable pulls, etc., and all horizontal pressing AS LONG AS I kept my hands either pronated or neutral, as this would keep the bicep from working and place the stress on the brachioradialis, not to mention I would be pulling and pressing from the ELBOWS and not the wrists.

Does this sound like sound advice to you guys?