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Distal Bicep Tendon Rupture

Thanks man. I’m hoping it won’t require surgery.

This gives me hope. Seems doctors always assume and diagnose the worst scenarios

Did the BPC work ??

I used BPC on the partial tear on my right arm. It was slightly less than 50% torn, and the doc wanted to see if I could rehab it before we considered surgery. Six months of dry needling, electro and ultrasound yielded nothing but stops and starts. I’d get to a decent spot, grab some dumbbells and be back to square one. Hurt like a bitch basically all the time. Until. I took one month off any kind of bicep work. Committed to daily flexion, extension, supination and pronation exercises with a light dumbbell (3X20 while sitting in my chair at night with a bourbon) and daily injections of BPC-157. After four weeks, I was back to training biceps with light weight and zero pain. By six weeks, I returned to heavy bicep work and haven’t looked back. After a lifetime of battling distal bicep tendonitis, then the partial tear, I can say the results were miraculous. The thing hasn’t made a peep since. Not even a flare-up of tendonitis. I don’t know what the compound can do for the full rupture on my left side, but I’m going to try it. My doc mentioned the tendon would eventually find a new attachment point by ‘scarring into place.’ Knowing my stops and starts with the right arm were due to scar tissue inflammation and the BPC eradicated that, it only makes sense to try it on my left arm. Planning to do that soon, and will update on progress as I go.

Wow. My MRI was today. I’ll know the results on Thursday. Wanna try BPC but not sure what’s legit and what’s counterfeit. What brand did you use if you don’t mind me asking ?

I know a couple people who had surgery for torn biceps and apparently it’s not a huge deal, the only thing is that your arm will have to be immobilized for weeks or months while it heals. Dan Green, who has had at least a thousand injuries, tore a bicep last year and said it was actually one of the easiest injuries to recover from that he has experienced. It will suck for a while when you can’t use your arm but it’s far from the worst injury/surgery you can get.

As far as complications, while I’m sure it can happen I never heard of anyone complain of anything and I’m into powerlifting where torn biceps are a common thing.

Suspect or training partner?

With stuff like this where there is an injury to a tendon you are supposed to do very light high rep work and a slow eccentric is supposed to help strengthen the tendon as well. You can’t take a bodybuilding approach to rehabbing an injury. Years ago I fucked up my shoulder bad and dislocated it several times, I used to do some little rehab exercises with baby weights and some guys at the gym were like “what do you think that is really going to do for you?” but now I’m benching over 400 with no shoulder issues. Surgery or not (I didn’t have surgery for my problem) you need to take it slow, unless you are a professional athlete or trying to set a world record in a couple months it’s not worth the risk.

Training partner.

Thanks for your input

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I was going to say it serves you right for beating up those poor defenseless gang members.

That’s a joke by the way. Good luck with your arm.

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I have full flexion. Little to no pain. No bruising. Grip is the same. Feels a bit weak turning my wrist but other than that it’s not very noticeable.

The day a suspect armbars me is the day I dive off the Eads Bridge !

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Another thing, while BPC isn’t approved by doctors yet, from what I hear it’s basically a miracle drug and for something like this it will help whether you need surgery or not, probably not a good idea before surgery though. There is some stuff called TB 500 that when combined with BPC 157 is supposed to increase the effects even more. I would look into that if I was you.

I’m not doctor, but from what I understand if you see the muscle shift upwards and bunch up it is a full tear. People have partial tears and don’t even know it until it blows out completely, that’s what Dan Green said happened to him.

I guess you will know soon.

Only the inner head rolled up an inch or so.

I’ve looked into BPC but it seems like a lot of counterfeit shit is around.

About counterfeit stuff, all I know is that here in Canada there are a bunch of companies that sell that and more as research chemicals so you should be able to find a reputable source if you look around for reviews and such. I don’t know the situation in the US but if it’s a company that has no office or address or anything like that listed I would stay away.

The weird thing is that over here you legally can buy LSD and MDMA sold as research chemicals, usually from the same sources, but that’s another story.

I think your best bet on here is to ask in the pharma section, this section is not too popular and the pharma guys know their stuff.

Probably. Thanks again.

Im really hoping surgery isn’t necessary.

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Sounds like you did what I did. Full rupture according to doc and MRI, but didn’t zip all the way to the top like some of the photos you see. Just missing the bottom inch or so. Because you’ve got the retraction, I’m gonna guess your tendon’s gonzo, but surgery-no surgery will be your judgement call. One of my buds is SWAT team and he ruptured both within two years’ time, but had the surgery on both. If your work will allow the down time (about 3 months before you’re doing any kind of weight-bearing activity), just frickin do it. I had my reasons for opting out, none of them all that good in retrospect. And had it been my dominant arm, would have gone under the knife without hesitation.

I’d comment on a BPC source, but it’s against the rules and the mods don’t play.

Fuck. I really don’t want light duty. Fuuuuuuuuck. Im on a SWAT team, too. I fucking hate light duty shit.

Im really surprised there’s no pain. No bruising. Full flexion. Grip is strong. Etc… I did the hook test and the tendon isn’t attached. Thanks for your response.

What’s your strength and ability like since you opted out of surgery ?

BPC is legal in the US, right? As far as I know it’s only sources for illegal stuff that you can’t discuss, not that I frequent that section anyway.

Just a thought, seeing as the bicep is the first thing to tear. You have a job where you are pretty much guaranteed to see some action and there is always a risk of injury, if you don’t get surgery on the bicep then what tears next and can it be fixed? I don’t know the answer, but that is something to consider because you could end up in a worse situation down the road. For a guy with a desk job who goes to the gym or jogs now and then it would be a different story.

Good point. Im trying to avoid the inevitable. Just so fucking frustrating.

I ripped mine at the end of October. As of right now, my strength deficit is only noticeable with traditional palm-up curls. Nearly 100% on hammer curls and neutral-grip pullups. Honestly don’t even notice it with pronation or supination. I keep waiting for ‘the catch,’ but my only disappointment is aesthetic. And I refused to let that dictate my decision, so I can’t rightfully complain about that aspect. I asked my doctor about the risk of overcompensation injury and he just said ‘no, you’re fine.’ And he knows what a psycho I am with weight training and hobbyist ranch work. When did you injure yours?