Distal Bicep Tendon - Partial Tear

Hey dudes:

On January 19, I partially tore my distal bicep tendon. Doc said it was torn less than 50% and said he didn’t want to operate because he’d have to completely sever and reattach – said I had a great chance of recovering to 100%.

He didn’t prescribe rehab, just said lay off it for a month. It’s been longer than that, and slowly but surely I’m able to do more with it. Haven’t tried curls yet, but have progressed back to lighter weight on pulling exercises for back day (with wraps so as not to stress forearms as much).

My question for guys who’ve done this: how long before I’m back to normal/can start working biceps? Were you prescribed rehab? If so, what exercises helped? If you figured it out on your own, would appreciate some feedback.

Really want to be stretching and working the area, but there isn’t dick online. It seems most people tear it completely and have the surgery.

Any wisdom or advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

unfortunately like you mentioned surgery is not an option and worse off you have no way of knowing how healed it is. Tendons are areas of very little circulation which is why they take much longer than muscle to heal. More the reason to continue working out VERY cautiously, even if not with the affected arm. Get to a good sports focused doctor/surgeon that will put you on a PT plan. Doing nothing is the worst approach. Cant speak to your particular questions on recovery since mine was a complete tear

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