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Dissolving winny

Here’s a dumb question for you: I just dissolved 5g of stanozol powder in 500ml of propylene glycol and I can’t get the damn stuff to dissolve. Does it take some time, like 4 or 5 hours? I tried stirring it, shaking it, beating the hell out of it, but the powder’s still there. Any thoughts?

I personally have never used G…wood’s powder. I have heard that it has filler, for shipping
reasons. The filler might be insoluble.

5 grams is about one teaspoon. Was the amount
much larger than a teaspoon? If so then there
must be filler.

Secondly, just because stanozolol’s solubility
in ethyl alcohol may be 25 mg/mL (or 15, I
need to look that up) that doesn’t mean it
is necessarily 10 mg/mL in propylene glycol,
which is what you’d need it to be.

Last, there’s nothing unusual about dissolution
taking quite some time. Shake it periodically,
give it a day.


Thanks for all your input, in this question and the last one. I really appreciate your help. I have heard the GW’s powders have a gram of sugar for filler, but it doesn’t even look like any of the powder has dissolved yet. I’ll shake it again and give it a day.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I remember reading that winstrol doesn’t dissolve in propylene glycol. Sorry.

ok, well it’s been a day and it’s still not dissolved, so judging by what I see, what ryan said about winstrol not dissolving in prop g must be true. In which case, am I screwed? Is there anything I can do to salvage the 5g of powder that’s in there?

Use a blender. I’ve heard that works well.

You may not be screwed. Try shaking it
pretty well, then look at it…does it
seem like the powder is pretty evenly
dispersed, taking time to settle down?
If so, then just shake before use, and
immediately withdraw correct amount. The
fact that it is not dissolved, but a suspension, does not matter.

But if the particle size is too large,
then this will not be the case: they won’t
stay suspended.

I can shake it and make it into a suspension (for at least long enough to some get out, but the particles are way too big to suck up into a syringe w/o the needle. I guess I can use a spoon, after I find one that’s about 2ml. I’m going to try the blender thing though, that might do the trick. I emailed GW about the problem, but he hasn’t responded.

You can perhaps use a baby-medication syringe, to deal with the large-particle size problem. After all you are not planning on injecting this, it’s just a way of metering it for oral use.

I had a number of friends that ran into this problem and solved it by simply using a blender. Blend for around 3-5 minutes just to be thorough. Then, each time before use, shake the bottle as Bill said and draw out the desired ml dose.

Have the same powder, but would like to make an injectable out of it. Would it be as easy as to just add dilluted water to the powder and voilla?

I have tried both winny and dbol powders. I agree that there must be some sort of filler, possibly sugar, because they both tasted sweet to a small degree with the dbol leaving a very bitter after-taste. I used everclear to put both powders in a suspension. From the Man himself: winny is not going to disolve in PG and only partially in ethyl-OH. The dbol disolved much better, but still not completely. With both powders, the “filler” does always settle to the bottom, just stir up with the eyedropper and remove the desired amount.

domino, the oral powders are not made for injection!! The fact that they are cut with something should be a big hint!!

Cy, I just used the blender, worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!

What’d I tell ya? No problem bud. I, errr I mean my friends(grin), use this method every time. :slight_smile: