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Dissolving Raw Powder in Alcohol

Hi mates, I made a post a few days ago asking about how to make pills from raw powder of clomid/anavar. The thing is that I have tried but it is too much of a hussle, so I am going to disolve it in absinth. My question is, has anyone tried this and knows roughly the ratio of mg/ml it is possible to disolve without crashing? If anyone has this info woth another alcohol I would be very glad to hear it. Thanks people.

Anavar won’t dissolve in absinthe. Either make a suspension (much easier) or find some PEG 300 and prepare for it to taste like a bat’s asshole. Get OraPlus, make a suspension, and deal with the minor inconvenience of shaking it before you take it.

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In the store they told me that any alcohol with 95% would do the trick, have you tried it out and failed? Thanks for replying man

The only alcohol that’s 95% and above that you can easily buy is isopropyl. You do not want to drink that.

Anavar is not like other orals. For a long and boring chemistry reason it doesn’t dissolve as easily. I know some UGLs who make liquids with it use either PEG or 151. Again, those both taste unpleasant and a suspension is easier to make and flavor to your liking.

I have access to 95% alcohol for food usage. If the problem you see using alcohol to disolve anavar is the access, that is not a problem to me. The thing is If it is physically possible to disolve the var in it or not. I will look into those compounds you mentioned as well, thanks for the reply man.
PS: what is 151?